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They 'nicked' an artery while I was having a hysterectomy recently, severe internal bleeding etc - so how did they repair it?

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PurpleLostPrincess Fri 27-Nov-09 21:43:45

Please bear with me as I'm feeling a little sorry for myself today, I honestly couldn't tell you why, probably hormonal (still have my ovaries). I wanted the hysterectomy so it's not that.

Anyway, as I said, I was rushed back down to theatre the night of my hysterectomy (abdominal) because they 'nicked' an artery and I was bleeding internally. I had to have 4 units of blood replaced and it was excruciating (sp?). Because of going in twice, they stapled me back up the second time with 28 staples, they came out a week later and my wound itself seems to be healing steadily.

The bruising was absolutely hurrendous to say the least - I actually had a purple tummy shock!!!! I thought I was healing fine - DH and DC's are looking after me well. Went out for lunch with the girls the other day which shattered me but was nice, have been in bed ever since due to being so tired. Felt horrid last night, didn't sleep very much, slept this morning though. My tummy has gotten more and more sore today though and if I cough or move it feels like something is popping inside my tummy. I know I could have moved wrong and pulled something perhaps and maybe it could be it's just a part of the healing process etc.

It just crossed my mind though, how did they actually fix the artery? Is it possible I have internal stitches or something? Could it be that they are now healing/dissolving? My mind seems to go off on a tangent when I should be just chilling and watching tv etc so please do tell me to STOP IT if you feel it necessary - I'm either after a bit of sympathy or a kick up the bum smile

TIA, PLP xxx

Cheappinkfizz Fri 27-Nov-09 21:54:12

poor sounds horrendous, I would be wallowing in pity if it was me. staples always look a bit violent, fil has just had bowel surgery and has a large wound from just under his ribs to pelvis all done up with staples.
Don't know anything about internal stitches though so can't help you with that.
do you have wine? if not I'll send you a virtual glass!

bruxeur Fri 27-Nov-09 21:57:29

Generally speaking post-op bleeds aren't from any particularly useful vessels, normally being from those that supplied or drained the organ that's now in the bin.

So they're just oversewn - stitched across - or cauterized, which is essentially heat sealed. If it was an important one, they'll have repaired it with NON-dissolvable sutures. You really don't want to risk them dissolving before they're no longer needed.

Northernlurker Fri 27-Nov-09 21:59:17

Whatever they've used to seal it - maybe stitches, maybe the heat thing that sort of cooks it shut - like a soldering iron - you shouldn't be feeling worse now. The pain could be a sign of infection. That is far more likely than you coming apart at the seams tbh - however you been done up it should hold. So - don't panic or sit fretting. Just calmly ring the ward you were in on and ask to talk it through with a nurse. Then do what they tell you to do and follow up with your GP next week - or with your consultant if that seems like a better idea. If the pain gets much worse or you feel feverish then go straight to A&E.

PurpleLostPrincess Fri 27-Nov-09 22:00:14

Awww thank you Cheappinkfizz, I don't usually drink wine but I got sent a lovely bottle from my auntie today with flowers and everything so I might crack it open in between tears (or get DH to crack it open!!!).

Hope your fil is healing ok, sounds awful bless him!!!

Forgot to say the op was on 10th/11th Nov (not sure if I go by the first or second trip to theatre hmm) so it was two and a half weeks ago - I feel like I've gone back a week or so though sad.

PurpleLostPrincess Fri 27-Nov-09 22:03:48

Thank you, yes might be an idea to ring the ward, they were all fantastic nurses! I have been ever so hot but not sure I'd describe it as feverish - surely I'd know if I had a fever hmm Then again, I am blonde - strange how I'd know straight away with my own DC's but not myself lol!

I'm not sure where this particular artery was but they said I had blood clots building up between the layers of muscle (and I assume fat as I'm a size 20!!), so could it just be that the bruising is deeper than usual and it's just how it heals?

Meglet Fri 27-Nov-09 22:55:41

I was told that it takes 6 weeks for the internal stitches to really start healing up safely, the moisture means it takes longer than the external ones. If you've been opened up twice your poor stomach is going to take some time to get back to normal. 2 1/2 weeks really isn't very long at all after a major op. But call the ward / gp if you are worried.

Rest, rest, rest ,rest and MN smile.

Northernlurker Sat 28-Nov-09 10:56:28

The healing from what you've had done would take a long time to be sure - BUT you need to check this out. If you leave it and it is an infection or other complication you'll end up back in hospital and that's a total pain. Please ring somebody for advice.

PurpleLostPrincess Sun 29-Nov-09 13:27:35

Thank you, sorry haven't been on - decided to rest properly including keeping away from the laptop yesterday! I honestly think it was due to my bowels and perhaps I had done a few things I shouldn't have (lifting full kettle, reaching to put a lamp out etc). They seem like small things but it's amazing how much they effect all the muscles etc.!

Sorry if TMI but they found my bowels were 'backed up' while I was in surgery and I've been having problems ever since (apparently normal), I've been taking movicol but didn't have any on Thursday as I was going too much iykwim. So I reckon it was all building up again. Coupled with being so sore muscularly, that led to my head starting to go a bit haywire I guess!

Still, thank you all so much for replying and I really was curious about what they do when they fix an artery. I'm generally very interested in all the gory bits - I even asked the consultant if he could video the operation but he thought I was joking and obviously refused. I would have loved to have seen it but hey ho lol!

I guess I will have up and down days and guess what, mn was there for me when I was down (regardless of what that stupid woman says!). Today seems to be a bit better thank goodness. Unfortunately, DH is ill with man flu a cold so he's struggling bless him. Oh the joys!

Thanks again xx

PurpleLostPrincess Mon 03-Jan-11 23:40:21

Interesting note: I was admitted into hospital a few weeks ago, and the consultant on duty read through my notes with me - apparently I had over 400 clots in my tummy from the bleed - amazing!!! Surely they don't have somebody actually counting them pmsl!!! hmm

All this seems like so long ago, amazing how quickly a year can fly by!

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