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anything nasty in a tea bag???

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Slave2Babe Wed 22-Jun-05 15:39:27

i took my eyes off dd for 2 seconds in the office today ... turned around to find her with a used tea bag in one hand and a mouth full of tea bag contents! i have no idea where she found a tea bag!?

my obvious worry, after having removed most of it from her mouth, was whether there could be anything harmful that she may have digested?

SoupDragon Wed 22-Jun-05 15:40:19

Depends where she found it I guess, but generally speaking no.

ivy3 Wed 22-Jun-05 15:42:30

How old is she?

Slave2Babe Wed 22-Jun-05 15:48:45

7.5 months old ... my colleague (who was watching her at the time!!) ... said she was pulling on the side of a bin bag so i guess it fell out ...

i know this makes it seem like i work in a right grotty, hazardess environment but its not ... just this one incident makes it sound bad!

SoupDragon Wed 22-Jun-05 15:50:24

DSs used to eat pre-licked dry crunchy cat food and they came to no harm

fastasleep Wed 22-Jun-05 15:52:47

I ate a dry teabag once for a £5 dare when I was little, and I'm fine. Some people feed tea in bottles to younger babies (which I must say I find a wee bit odd) so I'm sure she won't come to any harm

ivy3 Wed 22-Jun-05 15:56:08

I am sure it's fine. She probably didn't swollow much of it anyway.

Slave2Babe Wed 22-Jun-05 15:59:43

it did panic me to say the least ... looking over to see her with a mouth full of stuff! now she is so mobile i am really careful where she plays and what she could grab ... really didnt see this one!!

i think i scared her more with my reaction (finger in the mouth to scoop it all out) ...

QueenOfQuotes Wed 22-Jun-05 16:02:49

I used to eat all our dogs chocolate treats and biscuits when I was little - straight out of her dog basket

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