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lump on my jaw

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jaggythistle Mon 23-Nov-09 16:02:44

Am probably going to go to the doc later in the week if it doesn't go away but..

I have got a small, hard, moveable lump on my jaw which appeared on Saturday. It is painful to the touch (or when head butted by a wriggly baby).

Anyone ever had this? Am wondering if it is some sort of glandular thing.


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FluffysBeenBittenByAVampire Tue 24-Nov-09 00:19:37

It cold be a cyst or an abcess, pop to the dentist. I hope you are feeling better soon.

skymonkey Tue 24-Nov-09 23:59:48

have you had an infection in your mouth/tooth recently?
I went to the doctor with a lump exactly as you describe and he said it was a lymph gland swollen from a tooth infection I had on that side of my mouth. it disappeared within 2 weeks.
hope this helps

HateHoovering Wed 25-Nov-09 01:01:41

Salivary duct calulus? Lymph node?

ZipadiSoozi Wed 25-Nov-09 23:13:29

Jaggy - I get them with swollen glands/colds/tonsilitis etc - we call them floating glands! they have normally gone after a couple of weeks at the most!

Good luck, hope you get better soon, sensible to see docs though.

jaggythistle Thu 26-Nov-09 13:30:34

I wondered if it was to do with me havig the cold.

It is going down already

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Hanex Sun 08-Dec-19 16:35:51

Hey, I know this was years a go but what did it end up being? Hope you're okay.

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