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Any other migraine sufferers feeling the strain in this heat ?

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NomDePlume Tue 21-Jun-05 22:17:57

I get migraines, have done for the past 8 or so years. There's no obvious trigger aside from tiredness and heat.

I have really found that the incidence of attacks has rocketed since this hot, muggy weather came along. I'm getting bad ones every day. They last 2-3 hours and I'm good for nothing, not great when you are home alone with an almost 3 year old. None of the meds seem to touch it, i just have to lie down and wait for the pain, nausea and major visual disturbances to clear.

I'm wondering whether it's in any way connected to the fact that we desperately need a thunderstorm ? Maybe the air-pressure is getting me and making me more prone. Usually I only get them with pain and nausea once a month, with painless tunnel-vision focal migraines about once a week.

Have any other suffers noticed an increase in attacks and their severity ?

lunavix Tue 21-Jun-05 22:19:11

Yes hun.. I can join you.

Have developed severe hayfever TODAY for the first time ever! Lo and behold.. I have another trigger for the migraines. Tiredness, heat, loud noise and... pollen.

NomDePlume Tue 21-Jun-05 22:21:24

It's so miserable. Made worse by the fact that DH, as caring as he is, just doesn't seem to get how incapacitating migraines can be. He thinks it's just like a headache, pop a couple of nurofen and hey presto.... It stresses me out that I'm out of action for 3 hours a day.

lunavix Tue 21-Jun-05 22:22:54

I know how you feel...

I've got them a few times late at night from over tiredness, and ended up kicking and screaming, burying my head, fidgeting, getting up, trying to sleep, and dh is going 'headache, then??' 'NO '

NomDePlume Tue 21-Jun-05 22:23:32


I should be in bed...

LGJ Tue 21-Jun-05 22:24:40

My triggers are chocolate, cheese and red wine.

I could eat them for 364 days with no pay back, I just never know when it is going to happen.

But my CM really suffers with this sort of weather.

Huge hugs to you.

I normally find ........................em........ how can I put this..............that once both ends have been on the toilet it is just a case of sleeping the rest of it off.

Once the toilet has been invoked, I find Syndol works, in fact only thing that does these days.

HappyMumof2 Tue 21-Jun-05 22:26:44

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Tue 21-Jun-05 22:28:29

My brother has chocolate and cheese as his triggers, pretty classic I believe. It's just so bloody horrible

NomDePlume Tue 21-Jun-05 22:28:59

They seem to be getting worse, but the GP seems to be pretty blase about it.

bubblerock Tue 21-Jun-05 22:32:05

Had one today - really shouldn't be on here now but it's nearly gone now just left with the icky headache - do yours follow a distinct pattern? Mine start with a blind spot then a flickering in my eye then numbness that starts in my right hand and works it's way up to my nose & throat - that's the worse bit! Then I get a banging headache. They are very frightening and I've had a couple when driving which is very dangerous!!

Luckily I don't get them too often - maybe it is the weather, I haven't found a trigger yet

NomDePlume Tue 21-Jun-05 22:34:25

With the full on ones the nausea starts first, followed by a creeping ache and loss of vision, all build up over a period of about 15-20 minutes and continue at that severity for hours on end.

With the focal ones, I just lose vision (at varying degrees), as quick as that. Scary if driving.

nell12 Wed 22-Jun-05 10:43:03

I'm the same, have been mainlining Nurofen lately I have found that one of my triggers (well the main one) apart from the sun is dehydration so I am drinking water like I wish I could still drink alcohol (aahh thinks back to her student days!!)
Seem to end up every day with a headache and willing it not to develop into migraine.
Although spending hours on the laptop feeding my MN habit probably isn't helping...
{{{hugs}}} to all fellow sufferers

noddyholder Wed 22-Jun-05 10:49:09

syndol have been a lifesaver for me too recently and sometimes if I eat a bag of crisps and drink about 3 glasses of water that helps too

Lizzylou Wed 22-Jun-05 10:51:40

I am really affected by muggy weather, always have been, it varies from a very painful headache to full on migraine (I am always sick with migraines and nothing but a few hours sleep in a black room will do for me)....

bossykate Wed 22-Jun-05 10:53:15

yes me too. it is miserable and i have run out of my prescription drugs.

bundle Wed 22-Jun-05 11:45:05

one expert told me that cooling (those pads you get for kids who are feverish) could help with the pounding pain of migraine, because you're helping to close the blood vessels which are too open during your headache, iykwim.

SaintGeorge Wed 22-Jun-05 11:50:31

bubblerock - yours sound very much like mine except I rarely get an actual headache, just go straight from the visuals to numbness and vomiting!

I find one of my triggers in summer is not so much the heat but the bright sun, especially reflected flashes off car mirrors/windows etc when I am outside. Also flash photography can set me off - anything that mimics the initial blind spot in fact.

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