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lilsmum - how did you get on today at the neurologists?

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Miaou Tue 21-Jun-05 20:16:22

Been thinking about you all day - hope everything went ok (((hugs)))

Miaou Wed 22-Jun-05 12:25:51

bump for lilsmum

lilsmum Wed 22-Jun-05 20:48:19

thanks miaou , not been on MN as been trying to sort my head out

i will be having the surgery, no doubt about that, as he said working out the percentages of risk, i am CERTAIN to suffer a major stoke by the age of 60 and the risk goes higher with each TIA i have. i will be referred immediately to the vascular surgeon, who will do a angiogram prior to the op, he said he is pretty certain it is something i have been born with and its took 24 years for me to show the symptoms. the attacks i have been having are TIA's (mini strokes). he also said in his career (15 years practising) he has never seen a patient under 40 with this condition, so he was very shocked at me having it at 24.he said i should be seen by the vascular surgeon quickly as there isnt a waiting list, so for now its the waiting game

the surgery i can have a local or general anesthetic (sp?), they will cut from under my earlobe to collarbone, cut the artery, insert a plastic tube to bypass the blood, and cut open the artery, widen and clear it, then put it all back together and they will leave a drain in my neck while i am in hospital, he said i will be in intensive care for 24hrs, and in hospital for 3-4 days,possibly more depending how it goes obviously, but for 2 weeks post op i wont be able to do much, and have to try not to move my neck (should be fun with a 16mth old baby lol)

thanks for thinking of me xxx

lilsmum Wed 22-Jun-05 21:22:01

bump for miaou

Miaou Wed 22-Jun-05 21:22:44

Aw lilsmum - such shocking news for you to have to deal with.

There are positives - you aren't going to have to wait long for surgery, and although it's a fairly important operation you won't be out of action for an inordinately long time (compared to, say, a hysterectomy). Also, being that you are so young, you will probably get a lot of "special attention" - from a medical pov, you are a very unusual case.

Dh had shingles in his eye a few years ago, which caused the worst scarring (internally) that the eye doctor had seen in his entire career - consequently, he spent more time with him and examined him very carefully so that he could take notes/photos for his lectures! As a result dh reckons he found out more about what was going on and probably got better treatment as a result.

Have you got supportive family around you? Will they be able to help out with dd when you are in hospital and recovering?

The operation you describe is (I think) quite a common one for people at risk of stroke. You may find, if you contact the Stroke Association, that you can talk to people who have had the operation done, or at least read about their experiences. And of course you can talk to us - we will all listen even if we don't have advice!

lilsmum Wed 22-Jun-05 21:35:58

miaou, you are very sweet

i spoke to my H.V today and was telling her, she said that the hospital i will be going to (preston, where i had all the bother with dd) has one of the best neurology units in the country, which put my mind at ease.

i know i will be fine, its just i have never had surgery or anything wrong with me (up to now lol) so i think thats why i am a little panicky iykwim, also i not bothered about me, its dd while i am in hospital (she is very clingy, and a mummy's girl lol) i just want it over and done with, its the waiting that driving me mad.


lilsmum Wed 22-Jun-05 21:38:03

forgot to add, i do have family who can help out, my mum and dad live across the road, and i have dp, and a few other rellies around.

Miaou Wed 22-Jun-05 21:44:34

I don't blame you lilsmum, I'm sure it will feel like an eternity, however long you have to wait.

Once you have a date for the op, maybe you can "prepare" dd a little? I'm trying to remember exactly what happened to dd - was she operated on? How did she cope with it? If Yes and OK are the answers, then she will perhaps understand what is going to happen to you, at least in terms of GA and staying in hospital. You could do a "countdown" to the date of the op - seven sleeps to go etc - and emphasise the "fun" side of it to her - she gets special time with dp, your parents etc. You can get some good books from the library about going into hospital (some hospitals sell them too).

And bear in mind that one hospital department is as different to the next department, as one hospital is to another - the chances of you having to jump through hoops like you had to with dd are very slim

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