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dd2 sounds like a sealion

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oliveoil Tue 21-Jun-05 13:06:59

...doc reckons she has croup (sp??). Has some medicine (aniseed flavour for a baby? Hellooooooo???) which seems to have improved things but her voice has gone all funny now. Any tips to make her feel better, bless her podgy little self.


marthamoo Tue 21-Jun-05 13:13:31

Steam. Absolute best thing for croup. We have a whatdjermacallit - humidifier, is that right? You can recreate the effect though with a boiling kettle in a small room (be careful, obviously), or fill a really hot bath and sit in the bathroom with her. In the winter you can drape damp towels on the radiator but you won't want to do that in this weather. These aren't necessarily things you want to do in the daytime but it tends to get worse at night and these will help. Also sleep her propped up a bit - raise the end of her cot.

HTH and that she feels better soon, poor little mite.

oliveoil Tue 21-Jun-05 15:14:28

Thanks mm, it does get worse at night, keep hearing her coughing and want to check that she isn't choking, and then I wake her up hovvering over her cot and poking her. She is teething as well AND it is about 3000 degrees in her room.


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