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For the first time ever...

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lunavix Tue 21-Jun-05 12:55:28

I have hayfever.
Have never had it before, ever. I've had itchy eyes for a week or two (resulting in a few bouts of conjunctivutus and I had to spend £300 on glasses because I couldn't put contacts in.)

Today, my eyes starting watering and itching, I haven't stopped sneezing and my nose hurts, I have a sore throat an itchy mouth and a migraine which I think is from all the sneezing.

I've never really given much thought to hayfever sufferers before and I'm really sorry

QueenFlounce Tue 21-Jun-05 12:56:41

Lunavix - It's a nightmare. Today has been my worst day so far this year.

.... just to warn you.... my Mum only ever has symptoms when she's pregnant.

Marina Tue 21-Jun-05 12:57:58

We forgive you. Bloody vile isn't it.

Hope you are taking something. Beconase is good - especially if you prefer not to take tablets or can't for pregnancy or other health reasons.

I know a lot of people who don't normally get it are affected this year. The pollen counts must be through the stratosphere...

lunavix Tue 21-Jun-05 12:58:03

Oh I wish! We are officially trying but as my next injection is meant to be in 3 weeks, chances are slim

So in my mind I have three weeks to dose up on every hayfever remedy known to man, before the doctor tells me I'm not allowed!

lunavix Tue 21-Jun-05 13:00:02

Marina - I've got the lloyds pharmacy drowsy one (she said it was stronger than everything else!) and I've dosed up on nurofen plus for the migraine. Wouldn't normally but am working (CM, but all three are napping!!!) and need to have my head together.

Is the Beconase really good? Might need to use something when we are likely to be able to 'try' next month.

Marina Tue 21-Jun-05 13:02:10

Beconase is safe if you are TTCing and normally effective. When I am not TTCing, preggy or b/f I take the mighty Zirtek, the only one that really does it for me.
You can also use eye-drops for the eye symptoms and they are helping too.
Godd luck Lunavix

lunavix Tue 21-Jun-05 13:05:24

Thanks Marina

I don't know if I'll be able to take eyedrops normally as I'm usually a dedicated contact lense wearer and most rule that out. Will check though.

Spose they'll be okay as I'm bound to glasses due to the repeated conjunctivitus Glastonbury will be fun in a field!!

janinlondon Tue 21-Jun-05 14:26:52

You could try Flixonase spray - it only came off prescription in the last year or so, and has worked for me where Beconase failed.

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