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Still in pain after gall bladder removal

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laroc19 Mon 16-Nov-09 20:59:52

I had my gall bladder out 3rd August 2009 by keyhole surgery. 1 month later I'm down my GP'S complaining to him that it feels as if the gall stone is still there as I got the same symptoms. Don't know if anyone can relate to this but when I was geting my period the pain was much worse. Anyway he said that it takes the body a while to settle down after a big op and did some blood tests which were normal. Pain eased off after period stopped but at next period I got the same pains again, under the right ribs and at top of back. Went back to GP and he suggested that I go back on the depo provera injection which I did. Bad mistake. Been bleeding since then which was 28th September and am in constant pain under right rib and top of back. Getting chest pains too. Back to GP'S. He put me on hormone tablets and said the bleeding wouldstop in 2 days but it still hasn't yet. Also a water infection was mentioned and he put me on anti-biotics without a urine test. Found out no water infection. Kept going back and another GP did swab tests and a urine test (normal), slight infection showed up on swab tests and put on anti-biotics for that. Had scans done last week for the pain under rib and back which showed up nothing. Been back to GP again and this one wants to refer me to a stomach specialist and she's put me on a drug for IBS. She's not sure if I got IBS but said "lets give it a go".

I am so fed up with all this pain and telling the GP's that it still feels like gall bladder pain. I was supposed to go on holiday this coming sunday but GP has advised me not to fly. Really disappointed with it all. Thinking of having to pay private if this next specialist can't figure it out.

alypaly Tue 17-Nov-09 11:16:14


alypaly Tue 17-Nov-09 11:19:56

I had the same problems for 6 weeks after op which i had in june this year. I really felt as if it had all gone desperately wrong amd i felt as if i was going to die with the pain. I couldnt eat,i lost 18lbs in 5 weeks. it was awful.
Take a look at this link and it may help.

I would suggest that you go back as you sons as if there may be a stone in the common bile duct. Surgeons dont routinely flush out the ducts as they can flush the stones into the pancreas which is even worse.I hope this link works as i have never done one

alypaly Tue 17-Nov-09 11:22:55

sorry i am a burke...i linked your own message<<<<<<<<der>>>>>>>>>>[[ se-come-and-talk-to

this is the proper onesmile

alypaly Tue 17-Nov-09 11:23:48

OMG i will get it right this time...cant you tell i am a beginner at

alypaly Tue 17-Nov-09 11:24:58

have a look at mine and abetadads problems...we have been through the mill too.

laroc19 Tue 17-Nov-09 18:04:11

Been back to work today, haven't been in 2 weeks. I'm mainly a voluntary worker so I guess it's not so important but I like my job. Felt pretty good in work then back home pain started under right rib and in back again. Last night in bed was awful. Pain in top of my stomach then it kept making awful noises, then pain again then noises. Didn't get much sleep. Guess I got to wait now for the appointment with specialist, just hope its not too long to wait.

laroc19 Tue 17-Nov-09 18:11:48

Just been reading the link you sent me alypaly. Both you and abetadads surely have had it bad too. What's going to happen with you next? Let me know and I'll keep you updated with what happens next to me as well.

ABetaDad Tue 17-Nov-09 18:15:48

laroc19 - totally endorse everything alypaly says. We are both old hands at this game. We are both a lot better now though. grin

I found going on a diet excluding bread and dairy products and taking Gaviscon to control acid in my stomach made a big difference.

The pain in the top of your stomach and not being able to sleep a wink sounds exactly like what I get. I find if I lay off the booze, cut out fatty and spicey foods, take regular Gaviscon and sitting upright to sleep on bad days really helps. I can occassionally be found MNetting at 3.00 am. shock

Had lots of tests to check no stones still stuck and also biopsy on the gut but the change in my diet and Gaviscon really was the breakthrough though.

alypaly Tue 17-Nov-09 19:06:31

yes as *abetadad says* i am definitely 98% ok and feel as fit as a flea and can eat absolutely anything now. Still take it steadt with alcohol as i am scared to death of getting pancreatitis as i have it due to the gall stones, and would not like to induce it through alcohol. I dont think abetadad is a lucky as i am..he has had to go on gluten free diet and no rich foods either. I really feel for him...but i feel really lucky now..<<she says eating a half pound block of choc and an aero mousse>>grin

Cut out eggs,cream.alcohol,fat,beans,sprouts,and white bread.
Start again by having consomme soups and then gradually introduce things into your diet...dont go hell for leather. slowly slowly

alypaly Tue 17-Nov-09 19:12:03

one consolation if you did have stones ,your blood tests would come back abnormal as long as he has done tests for CRP and amylase. Do you know which ones were done.

Doobydoo Wed 18-Nov-09 09:42:51

Hello.I have been told over the phone that I have Gallstones.The doctor has written to the Consultant for more info.I have had backpain etc since ds2 was 4 months old.I have to say I feel scared as don't yet know what my options are.Looked at Google and really hate the thought of GA.

alypaly Wed 18-Nov-09 10:42:45

doobydoo....despite the problems i had,i would still say, have it out, if its giving you probs. What you dont want is pancreatitis caused by one of the little stones blocking the pancreatic duct which is really close to the gall bladder.
Believe me...pancreatitis is 10 times more painful than you are experiencing now and it made me so ill.

Doobydoo Wed 18-Nov-09 11:09:42

Eek alypaly...I really don't want that!
I am in the middle of a return to nursing course as well so timing is not good.
Also have big fear of GA...will know options and exactly where the blighters are[how many/size etc] next week.
So glad you are on mend you have had a rough time.and thanks for your reply.

alypaly Wed 18-Nov-09 11:31:06

if you have them and they are causing you problems is unlikely that they will stop. it is not about the quantity. normally thats guess work unless they are big. I ahd over 200 little ones which just looked like a dark mass on the xray and 4 x1cm ones which showed up as mobile calculi.

You should know from nursing ,the consequences of it blocking the duct from the dont want jaundice/pancreatitis. Some of my friends have been so ill as they have been made to wait too long to have it removed.

Doobydoo Wed 18-Nov-09 11:39:26

Have to see what doctor says next week.

laroc19 Thu 26-Nov-09 19:40:49

Hi me again. Went to the hospital tonight as pain has been so bad again. They wouldn't let me see a doctor there, said as its ongoing with my gp its my gp I must continue to see. Had enough of all this so going back to gp in the morning and discussing with her about seeing a private doctor, just can't stick all this pain. It's so confusing, the pain feels worse than when I had gall bladder pain and its in my pelvic area and right groin, right side, under right ribs and back of ribs and extending up my back. On top of all this I had the depo provera jab in sep28 and still bleeding. Doc has put me on another tablet to try and stop it called Tranexamic Acid for 4 days. it is slowing down now but its my last day on the tabs tomorow. I feel like utter shit every day and so so tired and cold all the time with no energy. Losing weight, don't want to eat either. Missing my hubby as he's had to go to Morocco on his own owing to me being ill. Just not fair any of this.

laroc19 Tue 01-Dec-09 18:00:03

Update.....I decided to see a private Doctor as couldn't wait for the referral to a gasterenerologist. Went today paid him his £150 and he asked me lots of questions about the pain I got. He said that I've got to have a camera put down my stomach again but obviously I can't afford private treatment for that so its nhs and have to wait. He said that after having a gall bladder removal the pain can last for quite a long time after. They don't tell you that when they remove it. I'm in more pain now than ever before even when the gall stone was really bad. the pain in the top of my back is so so so unbelievably painful, even when I move from side to side. He is concerned that I'm producing too much acid sohence the camera and told me to go my gp's next week as he will write to them to prescribe medication for me. Also got blood in my urine but he didn't explain that. Tis a bloody nightmare. Can;t eat, lost a stone in weight and in constant pain every day. Doctor been prescribing co-codamold 30/500mg since last for the gall bladder pain and more again lately. On reading the leaflet with it it says not to be given to patients who's had gall bladder surgery and that if you get stomach pains going through to the back then see your gp!!!!!

box Thu 07-Jan-10 21:18:53

I had my gall bladder removed in 2008, since then i have had pain in my upper abdomen under mu right breast,lower back and the top of my right shoulder,i did seek medical advice in 2009 but routine scans showed nothing, i am still getting these pains. Does anyone have any advice??

alypaly Fri 08-Jan-10 01:45:26

laroc you sound as if you have gastritis tbh....if doc put you on omperazole 40mg for a while,that might help. You arent taking any anti inflammatories at the moment are you.
The noisiness is due to the gastritis symptoms. I had that. it can be due to over production of acid or it might be due to all the bile constantly dripping into stomach...I agree ,they never tell you anything until after the event.hmm

laroc and could ask for an ercp to check if all the stones hae gone and that the sphincter of oddi is not too constricted as this can cause awful pain too.

Lneeps Sat 25-May-13 12:13:57

hi guys, i had my gallbladder removed at 12years old i had gallstones and acute pancreatitis. after my gallbladder was removed i was having attacks every 2 years. i am now 28 and in the past 4months i was having attacks every week,same pain upper abdo an direct to my back,hard to breath an so unexpected. after going to the a&e 8 times while i was waiting to see a specialist the surgeons admitted me, after me begging them to not send me home an to help me,i have been dealing with this intense pain for 16 years i really couldnt take it anymore,my life was a mess. i was admitted finally. i had a m.r.i which showed stones blocking up,my ultrasound showed no stones!, i then had a ercp and a spinterotomy was performed the surgeon cut a 10mm hole for stones to pass through with no problems. 1month later i havent experienced any attacks only a slight discomfort in my back. im glad those attacks are gone!

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