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my daughterfailed her hearing test and all they want to do is wait and see

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anoushka Sun 19-Jun-05 22:45:06

i took her for a hearing test and it was a total farse she would not do what they wanted her to do so they gave up and they then put this probe thing in her ear and they said she might have glue ear and that is come back in three mounths and know dont know what to do do i go to my gp and complain saying that hearing test was a total waste of time see what he says the thing is it took me eight weeks to get this oppoment or should i go privite well i suppose i could afford it or should i wait the three mounths it was only the first time we had a test she is two and three mounths and has very little speech i dont know that the two are lilked but i feel as i am wasting time i dont know what to do

Jimjams Sun 19-Jun-05 22:49:56

How is her non-verbal communication? Pointing etc? if she is pointing, understanding what is said to her and communicating in ways other than speech then waiting 3 months could be justified. If she isn't then she needs to be seen by a developmental peaditrician.

If you're concerned about her hearing and/or development then that's a good enough reason to be seen again soon. Incidentally be wary when they say "3 months". Ds1's 3 month reveiw turned into an 8 month wait and we ended up wasting a year before seeing anyone sensible.

Ladymuck Sun 19-Jun-05 22:59:24

I took ds2 for a private hearing test a couple of weeks ago (he "failed" his 2 year check for speech, and NHS referral would take 4 months for hearing test, 12 months+ for SALT). I was told that he wouldn't have a proper hearing test at this age, but they would use the probe to test for fluid or glue ear. The graphs showed he has glue ear in one ear, but the other is clear at present, though likely to have been blocked over the winter. I was told to come back in the autumn, partly due to the fact that ds2 has made huge strides in his speech very recently (probably as a result of being able to hear properly in one ear!). It seems as if the next step would be grommits.

I think that the main benefit in having a private appointment would be that you get longer to talk, and so you could ask all your questions, but it doesn't sound as if the actual outcome would be any different. Must admit I found that being shown all the different pictures of ears etc a bit too much information to take in whilst I was watching mini-Houdini aka ds2 at the same time!

frogs Sun 19-Jun-05 23:19:25

FWIW, If I was concerned (which it sounds as though you are) I would go private. 2 is an important age for speech development, and there isn't much point wondering why her speech is delayed until her hearing has been properly checked.

Get a recommendation from your GP about who the good audiologists are in your area, and then contact them to find out if/where they do private work. If you're in London, the paediatric clinic at the RNTNE (Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital) might be a good place to start.

stitch Sun 19-Jun-05 23:30:23

i dont know about this young an age, but my eight year old i asked for him to have a hearing test. was done by the nurse who came to his school. he passed, but that very week a completely different teacher asked me to get his hearing tested. so went back to hv and said i wanted it tested, but by someone else. she got me and appointment at another clinic that was a bit more high tech. he failed the test and they are referring him ion, but will take threeish months.
i think wait and see is a general sort of approach. its the nonverbal communication that you need to focus on at the moment i think. but basically, just go back to your gp and say you want another opinion

sparklymieow Sun 19-Jun-05 23:51:06

My dd1 is 5 now, and in 2 years we have had 2 failed hearing tests, we were referred as they thought she had high frequency hearing loss, she passed and was discharged, then I noticed she was having to have the tv up loud, so went back again and she passed again, she recently had a hearing check done at school which she failed, so I phoned up and said that the consulant had passed her recently, and she said that Dd1 had failed on the high frequency sounds again. So we have to go back again, to get her hearing tested again, and see if she does have high frequency hearing loss........

anoushka Mon 20-Jun-05 13:45:15

thanks for all your replys i have a two children the older boy had glue ear it was caught at a much earler age he failed his eight month cheak so i know all that saga of hearing tests it was such a farse they put this probe in her ear first and that pissed her off and she was crying and then they decide to try to get her to do some test with trying to put a ball into a cup but she was still upseti was so cross they are sopposed to be the profesionals and my first child has special needs so i am used to him complaining when they start to stick probes in his ears but if you cant even get a normal child hearing tested without the idiots doing it the wroug way around any body knows if you want a child to do some thing you dont start upsetting them first well laidy muck my story is similor to your's i dont think i have worried at this time of the year it's justthe winter she had about four ear infections last winter and is's so fustrating the hanging around

geogteach Mon 20-Jun-05 14:23:36

My eldest son has a high frequency hearing loss and I know from experience it is very difficult to get an accurate result at this age. He was refered at 3, grommets and 3 tests later he was refered to another hospital and issued with aids, even here they are not yet sure that they are set right but I am starting to agree with them that it is not worth doing more than every 3 months just because my son is so sick of hospital visits and has worked out how to sabortage the tests that it is just a waste of time. He is 4 now, much happier with hearing aids than without but has yet have an accurate audiogram

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