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What goes on first?

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tiffini Sun 19-Jun-05 18:52:02

My DTD 18months both woke up this morning with chicken pox.
I will try and keep them out the sun as much as possible, but cant aviod it altogether.

So should i put on the calamine lotion before sun block or not bother with the calamine lotion when going out.


tiffini Sun 19-Jun-05 19:08:53

Bumpety bump

jjash Sun 19-Jun-05 19:13:33

My two had chickenpox last summer and i used loads of sunblock when out and then used calamine lotion at home .And baths with bicarb of soda in help too.To be honest my son had little problems but my dd was quite poorly and very itchy.Maybe your dds wont have it too bad , fingers crossed!

Gobbledigook Sun 19-Jun-05 19:18:36

Mine had it last summer too and I think we only put the calamine cream on at night. Hard to remember, I was 9 months pg and rather frazzled but I only remember chasing them round the bedroom at night with it

jjash Sun 19-Jun-05 19:23:08

I did that too gobbledigook ! and the amount that ended up on the bed sheets was unbelievable .

tiffini Sun 19-Jun-05 19:26:19

thanks for the advise.

They dont seem too bad at the moment, and i dare not complain anyway, as i intended them to get them, my neice had them a couple of weeks ago so i took the twins there for the day, so they could catch them and get it over and done with. I decided that was better than having them at an inconvienient time like christmas or whem we are on holiday.

My DS came down with chicken pox the same day i went into labour with the twins, and he had them so badly he was in terrible pain for 2 weeks and had to be put on antibiotics because alot of the open blisters were the size of 2pence pieces and each one took about 4 days to clear up, poor thing.

tiffini Sun 19-Jun-05 19:27:17

oops meant 2 days to dry up.

LIZS Sun 19-Jun-05 19:30:05

dd hah it too. I blobbed her with calamine type stuff and then when she wanted to go outside she wore a sunsuit which covered the worst and sunblock on the exposed parts. Piriton at night and tepid bath too.

Twiglett Sun 19-Jun-05 19:37:13

baths in porridge oats
or in bicarbonate of soda

both great for controlling itching

piriton too

but never used the calamine I bought


geogteach Sun 19-Jun-05 20:12:14

DD has had it since Weds, not bothered with lotion, just pititon, she seems fine, just waiting for other 2 to get it now!

tiffini Mon 20-Jun-05 15:49:03

oh god, the spots are so much worse today, but they seem to be coping quite well execp their hair is a mess because i cant comb it, too many spots on their scalps.

Marina Mon 20-Jun-05 15:52:50

Piriton and ask at the chemists for calamine and zinc oxide CREAM for their poor little nappy areas. This stuff stays put better than the lotion.
I am going to say something really heretical here - and it wasn't this hot when dd had CP a couple of weeks ago - her spots cleared up almost overnight after we let her play in the garden in the late afternoon for a while, with no suncream and pretty much nothing on.
Some warm sun really seemed to help her...this was after she had done the crusting/itching thing though tiffini.

tiffini Mon 20-Jun-05 16:05:57

thanks, will get some calamine and zinc oxide cream, already have piriton witch has helped alot. Imight try getting them out in the sun but not for a few days unless it cools down a bit.

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