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why is my tummy so swollen?

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sunglasses Thu 12-Nov-09 14:02:17

I am a size 8, have had 2 children, the youngest is 2.5 both by c-section and even though I am really slim every where else my tummy sticks out like I am 4 months pregnant. Strangers have actually asked me when I am due etc so not being paranoid!
I have suffered from constipation a lot since the birth of my second child but even though my diet is fairly healthy and I walk everywhere( we don't own a car)I cant seem to get rid of it. It often feels uncomfortable like there is literally a blockage in there but even if I really attack the constipation with a high fibre diet, or stool softeners etc I will go to the loo fine for a couple of days only for it to change back to rabbit pellets again( sorry TMI!)
I have noticed the constipation and therefore the huge belly are worse in the two weeks before my period. Any connection with hormones etc? and more importantly what can I do. should I get this checked out with a scan or something to see if there is any other reason for the swollen appearance and full/ sometimes burning feeling inside?

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