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Excessive granulation of scar tissue / Persistent granulation polyps (TMI)

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Cantspellmynameright Wed 11-Nov-09 17:22:05

I have had problems with excessive granulation of the scar tissue from where I tore with DS 19 weeks ago.

So far I have had 5 rounds of ab's as they though it was initially an infection because of discharge, then 5 rounds of silver nitrate cauterisation to try to shrink the tissue down. This week I saw my nurse again for the sn treatment and she told me she doesn't know why I am still getting discharge so swabbed me for infection again

I have to ring on Friday for the results to see if I need another round of ab's.

Does anyone have any information on excessive scar tissue growth? Has anyone had it?

My symptoms have been:

-growth of soft tissue at the scar site
-extreme pain to touch the area
-bleeding from the affected skin
-v discharge constantly

I have not been referred to gynae team yet as they wanted to see if the sn treatment worked but I have not had a full pelvic exam as they are worried about hurting me.

19 weeks after the birth I am now getting very frustrated with constant pain etc and (due to anx/dep problems) keep thinking it's something more serious than it seems.

Sex is out the window still and despite a very kind and caring partner we are both fed up with not being able to get back to the maritals!

I really hope someone out there can help!

Cantspellmynameright Thu 12-Nov-09 18:53:44


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