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No more babies please!

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LissyGlitter Wed 11-Nov-09 11:31:07

I am in the last few days of a second problem filled pregnancy. It would appear that I am somehow super-sensitive to pregnancy hormones (I somehow manage to get nearly every complication going - morning sickness, SPD, itchyness, postnatal psychosis, swelling up, heartburn, etc) and I just can't justify getting pregnant again.

Problem is, me and DP would appear to be really fertile (both children only really had one chance to be conceived) so we need a very reliable method of contraception. Eventually we are thinking he should have a vasectomy, but am I right in thinking the doctor might make him wait a while? He is 34, I am 24. He has been married before very briefly, no children from that marriage, and we are engaged, planning on getting married next summer.

I am very forgetful, and forget the pill. We were using condoms in theory when we got "caught" with both our kids, but we are daft when in the heat of the moment, and clearly can't be trusted with anything that need sorting out when in the grip of passion. We know neither of us have any STDs as we have been tested.

I want to breastfeed, hopefully for about a year, more if possible. I am quite squeamish and also have a tendency to having reactions and such to stuff.

Any suggestions? Apart from not touching each other without a chaperone

CMOTdibbler Wed 11-Nov-09 11:34:34

A Mirena or the implant would seem to be the best options as once in you don't have to think about them for years. I have a mirena, and was able to bf for 2 years with it. If you don't get on with it they are v easy to remove too

juneybean Wed 11-Nov-09 15:02:45

Hii Lissy, hope you're well!

As far as I am aware they need your permission for him to have a vasectomy and since you've had two children (or will have had) they might let you go ahead with it.

That's me adding you on Facebook by the way (initials JF)

cass66 Wed 11-Nov-09 16:23:55

if you are super sensitive to hormones, then a non hormonal copper coil may be the way forward. slightly less reliable than the mirena or implant (but better than the pill), but no hormones. I'm happy with mine....

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