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the chance of me being pg is very low, isnt it?!

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mad4myboys Wed 11-Nov-09 11:15:36

dh had the snip done in september, he will hopefully get the all clear in january. Last month one day i had missed a pill, hadnt realised until next evening when we were about to DTD and read the leaflet (am on cerazette POP) and though we'd be ok as took it just before DTD (maybe stupid thinking now) anyway, ive had symptoms of pg but havent yet tested as i seem to be obsessed about getting pg. I really really dont want/cant have anymore babies, hence the snip at 27.

Im being silly arent i? As it is a 4 week pill i would have no idea when im fetile/ovulate..however 2 weeks after i missed that pill i bled, which im putting down to the pill being messed about with.

I couldnt really be pg could i? Will test but think im being silly? Thinking about talking to gp about my obsession. Still have PND from ds2 last year. I seem to get symptoms and then be paranoid. Abit like hypercondria (SP) but with pg

piprabbit Wed 11-Nov-09 13:20:24

It sounds as though testing would put your mind at rest - although,as you say, the odds seem pretty slim.

purplepeony Wed 11-Nov-09 20:12:14

How late are you- and why not just do the test?

You could still have ovulated but the Dh's snip must surely have worked by now?

mad4myboys Wed 11-Nov-09 20:21:41

im not 'late' as on this pill as it is a 4 week pill i dont come on...yes i guess i should do a test to shut me up! Im such a wierdo

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