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racmac Tue 10-Nov-09 12:55:12

I have had sinusitis every time i have a cold/flu - which has been about 6 times in last 2 years.

Occasionally i get pain in my sinuses when i havent got a cold as i have now - it normally clears with some sudafed and paracetamol but this time is not shifting.

Anyone else had long term problems with sinuses - is there anything i can do? Is there anything GP can do?

mamaloco Wed 11-Nov-09 09:13:53

The GPs can do something if they want, they told me unless it last more than 4 months they won't treat it....
(usually sulfur fulmigation and/or antibiotic)
You can try fulmigations at home: boiling water in a bowl, few drops of Olbas oil into it and stand over it with a towel on your head (not too close, it burns at first), and breathe the steam through your nose, it might help. Be carefull steam burns, you have to get use to it slowly.
If you find it has been going on too long see your GP. Actually as it is recurrent I would go and see the GP if I were you.

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