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multicystic ovarian cyst, what next??

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mang Mon 09-Nov-09 22:27:24

Hi there, I've just spoken to a gynae about the next step now I've had a 5cm multicystic ovarian cyst diagnosed. THe other side may have some cysts too so he's going to 'have a look around' and take both ovaries if necessary. BLood tests OK for cancer thank goodness
I'm 47 and really scared about having an 'open' operation (can't be done via laparoscope apparently)
Also, having lots of very watery PV discharge, usually a bit like old blood as well (sorry to be so graphic!!)
So.. I'm also worried about womb problems too, including cancer.
I'm getting into a real tizzy, any experiences shared would be great, for instance how long I can expect to take to recover etc.

purplepeony Tue 10-Nov-09 14:19:30

If I was you I'd ask for a 2nd opinion.
IMO too many drs are ready to whip things out if not needed.
You only need your ovaries removed if they think you have cancer or it's border line- how many male drs would consent to having their balls whipped off "just in case"???

He could do a hysteroscopy- small camera in uterus with or without local anaesthetic to take a look there first, and/or a scan. This way he cansee what's going on- if your wombs has any lumps or strange things he can also do a biopsy.

Uterine cancer is very rare in someone your age- it's usually a post menopause disease.

Has he said WHY he suggests removing your ovaries?

The reason I am having a bit of a rant is that I have a small cyst- was 3 cms now down to 1cm and both me and my gynae were/are happy to watch and monitor- he is an excellent dr who treats the royal family- whereas I know some other drs would have wanted to whip it out sooner.

Can you ask more questions or see someone else?

nearlychrimbo Wed 11-Nov-09 22:06:51

I had pain each month to the point I was nearly passing out. I was immediately referred to a gyno consultant. Here's what happened:

Internal but couldnt feel anything plus I wasnt in pain during it

Had an internal scan there and then which detected: some endometriosis on one ovary, a blood filled cyst on the other and a small fibroid. I was booked in for a laparosphy and surgery to remove the endometriosis and the lap as the consultant said to have a real good look around to see if there is anything else.

When they did the surgery the blood filled cyst has gone and the fibroid was so small they decided to leave it as again it could just dissolve I was told.

I would get a 2nd opinion. Search for a specialist in yr area on the internet or ask for a recommendation. Where do you live?

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