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Packing bag for hospital - Hysterectomy on Tuesday - Have I forgotten anything?!?

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PurpleLostPrincess Sun 08-Nov-09 19:59:02

Here's my list so far:

Bed clothes (nighties and pyjamas)
Underwear - baggy
Clothes for going home in - baggy
Sanitary pads?
Dressing gown/slippers
Phone charger
Small pillow
Lip balm

I'm sure I've forgotten something but also would welcome any ideas if you have them?

TIA smile

whomovedmychocolatecookie Sun 08-Nov-09 20:01:09

Money for TV/phone
Mouthwash (in case the anaesthetic makes you nauseous - I pack tictacs as well for the same reason - for afterwards obv.)

ilove Sun 08-Nov-09 20:01:27

Yes to sanitary pads

Arnica if you have it (tablets not cream)
I took a portable DVD player and an ipod
CC for the Pay TV at your bedside
Herbal teabags as hospital tea/coffee are vile
a shawl/wrap
Soft snuggly socks and slip-on slippers

BelaLugosiNoir Sun 08-Nov-09 21:54:24

peppermint teabags - the GA makes you feel bloaty.
any shoes which are easy to put on without bending over and are looser fitting - your ankles swell up.
A spare pillow - useful for the ride home.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Sun 08-Nov-09 22:00:04

Flip-flops for going to the shower.
Small cartons of fruit juice.

Definitely a magazine - I was the favourite patient, after my c-section, because I lent the nurses my copy of Hello. smile

Hope all goes well.

Meglet Sun 08-Nov-09 22:02:34

herbal tea bags are good. Some cup-a-soups might be handy too. You won't be eating much for almost 48 hours so don't pig out on the first chance you get in case you end up horribly constipated.

Good luck. Mine was 3 1/2 months ago and I'm fine now. Just take it very very easy for the first couple of weeks at least, even if you are bored to tears (all I did was MN and FB), there will be a lot to heal up inside you so let it happen in it's own time.

KurriKurri Sun 08-Nov-09 22:07:34

Some sucky sweets,

A pen and notebook, - in case you want to do a crossword or something and also so you can jot down anything you need to ask your visitors to get.

Good luck, don't overdo it when you get home smile

PurpleLostPrincess Sun 08-Nov-09 22:09:40

Thank you all, have added these extra bits to my list, what would I do without mn!!!! xx

copycat Mon 09-Nov-09 19:51:30

Hello Purple I hope everything goes well tomorrow. I have a last minute suggestion if you have room in your bag: an empty sports top water bottle so you can sip water whilst lying down - I found that it's a little bit easier than a glass and straw. Take care.

PurpleLostPrincess Sun 15-Nov-09 19:41:57

Got home yesterday and family are looking after me well - can't get used to the idea of staying in bed just yet but I'm sure I'll cope lol!

Had a bit of a bad experience - op went well, he left my ovaries in, found evidence of endometriosis scarring or something too. But when I got back from theatre, the spinal ran out within ten minutes and I was in agony. Almost felt like they didn't believe me, had to keep telling them - they then noticed how much was coming out of the drain and eventually rushed me back to theatre in the night - I was bleeding internally due to an atery being nicked in my tummy so my abdomen was full of blood and I had clots building up between the muscles of my tummy. Had to have 4 units of blood transfusions etc.

Because they had to go back in through the original cut, I've now got 28 staples across my tummy, extremely uncomfortable!

Also, when the original op was being done, he found that I had lots of stuff backed up in my bowels so I've had the joy of having to get rid of it, without straining or pushing so have had tonnes of movicol and even a suppository. Not all of it has worked just yet but I'm getting there.

The hospital staff were lovely but almost punched the poor nurse who pulled out the second drain (had an extra one put in after the second surgery) - how painful was that!!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad to be home, just trying to keep the wound clean and dry, having staples taken out on Tuesday.

KurriKurri Sun 15-Nov-09 22:46:10

oh Purple that sounds like a rotten, frightening experience, so sorry. Hope you will soon be on the road to recovery.

bumhead Tue 16-Apr-13 07:30:17

Am reviving this thread because I'm having a hysterectomy soon (get my date tomorrow hopefully) and want to jot all this down so I can get prepared!

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