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If I'm having an allergic reaction to eye drops, how long before swelling goes down?

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Kerrymumbles Sun 08-Nov-09 18:09:39

gp gave me some eyedrops with antibiotics and steroids in them which was a bit ott I thought considering they were just a bit itchy, etc. Well I started on Wednes and then yesterday said, better so took one dose at noon (supposed to take 4x\day) and stopped. Now since I started taking them eyes have gotten very puffy (under the eye) and have very dark circles. I look like hell. I thought this morning after not taking them for 12 hours that would have gone away but it didn't. Eyes itchy again today so took two more doses but eyes very puffy now so am stopping.


How long for it to go away? The swelling and dark circles I mean...

Lulumama Sun 08-Nov-09 18:17:18

have you taken an anti histamine?

Kerrymumbles Sun 08-Nov-09 18:17:52

not yet but insert says it's the steroids that would cause swelling in surrounding tissue...

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