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weird leg hot spot

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thighsmadeofcheddar Sun 08-Nov-09 08:51:37

Does anyone get a sudden hot spot? I've been getting one on my thigh for the last couple of weeks. It feels like I've dribbled hot water down my leg, lasts a couple of seconds and then goes away. Always in the same spot.
I'm 19 weeks pregnant too.
Please tell me i'm not going crazy.

NorbertDentressangle Sun 08-Nov-09 11:09:39

Bumping for you as I've had similar in the past (not when pregnant though) and would like to know more

thighsmadeofcheddar Sun 08-Nov-09 17:51:23

Thanks Norbert - been out all day.
Evening bump

NorbertDentressangle Mon 09-Nov-09 20:41:55

Looks like its just us then...

Milliways Tue 10-Nov-09 16:43:57

Sounds like a trapped nerve - they can burn or feel wet. Trouble is the pressure on nerve can be anywhere from the brain to the bottom of the spinal cord.

If you are pregnant you could well have extra pressure on spine?

Ask your GP or midwife for advice - hope it resolves soon.

WowOoo Tue 10-Nov-09 16:46:27

I've had this too. So odd, isn't it?

Had it when pregnant but still get it now. Was told may be to do with sciatic (sp?) nerve.

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