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Worried about postnatal bleeding C-section then retained placenta now more bleeding!

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bubblebabeuk Sat 07-Nov-09 09:04:44

I had an emergency section with my 2nd daughter who is now 14 weeks old, I continued to bleed after it. when my daughter was 11 weeks old I asked my GP if it was normal, when she did a pelvic exam the bleeding was so heavy it was dripping off the side of the examination couch, I got sent straight to hospital where they performed an operation to remove retained placenta etc, I also had a big infection. The bleeding pretty much stopped just a light pinky discharge.

my daughter is now 14 weeks old and its been 3 weeks since the surgery and for the last 4 days I've started bleeding again, Its probably my periods restarting (fingers crossed) but its really quite heavy, the extra absorbant Night-time pads only last for about 20 minutes and now I'm loosing 50 pence size clots. BTW I am not breast feeding.

Should I be worried? or do you think its normal?

jules2906 Sat 07-Nov-09 17:02:36

I would get it checked out if only to reassure yourself. It may be your periods restarting but quick phone call or a visit to your Drs (out of hours if necessary at the weekend) will either reassure you or get you on the road to recovery if somethings not quite as it should be. Good luck.

giggleloop Sat 07-Nov-09 17:09:26

I don't want to scare you, there is a good chance that its your period, but I would go to the hospital now if I were you and try and see the on call gyn. My sis had bleeding 3 weeks after a vaginal birth and it turned into a major heamorhage (sp). She had to have a hysterectomy and a 12 unit transfusion. She was in intensive care for 4 days and physically in a bad way for months.

bubblebabeuk Sat 07-Nov-09 23:05:03

I called the out of hours Gynae I saw a few weeks ago when I had to go in for removal of retained placenta, he wants me in to scan, he's worried as I had alot of problems with bleeding during the original C-section, they had to convert from spinal to general when they couldnt stop the bleeding.

Thanks for all the advice I really appreciate it

I'll update this when I have an answer in case anyone searchs on this topic in the future.

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