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Having IBS flair up, what to eat?

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melsy Fri 06-Nov-09 16:51:49

Or at least I think it is.

On and off for months Ive been having problems with certain foods and can eat & then suddenly become bloated and in pain. I then cant keep my food in iukwim!! It started 2 yrs ago , but has never been formally diagnosed & seems to have got worse the last few months. So Im thinking a trip to GP for a referral is my next step & then go to a dietitian/nutritionist/allergy tester etc

I have the kind that changes from constipated , to normal & then the opposite , but mainly the latter!

I ate huge amounts of cheese at the weekend & then a very rich roast dinner and this whole week Ive suffered ; cramps , bloating and going often. I ate tomatoey pasta & garlic bread mid week and immediately got bloated and paid for it the rest of the day!

Ive been reading about having a soluble diet if this shud happen, but surely white rice/bread etc isnt great long term. Im a wholewheat & rye kind of eater! Ive wanted to make changes to my diet anyway, to feel more energetic , so this kind of food goes against what I was working towards.

Ive been so stuck what to eat Ive been unable to eat much & then Im starving. I ended up having a massive migraine attack last night leading to vomiting , which is a rarity nowadays.

Im quite confused.

LittleB Fri 06-Nov-09 19:50:36

I would see your GP. I was diagnosed with IBS years ago (tested for celiac disease too). Your GP can prescride anti spasmodics which should help. Keep a food diary so you know what sets it off, things that make me worse are cheese, rich fatty food, pasta caffeine - but maily when I'm stressed and tired, at other times I'm fine with these things. Peppermint can help too - I drink peppermint tea, or aloe vera could help. I'd see your GP first though.

melsy Sat 07-Nov-09 10:07:50

Yes most things I look into suggest the food diary. Ive got a reluctance towards it though, as I can become obsessed with these things!!(I went a bit overboard when dd1 was a baby & the HV made me keep a chart of EVERYTHING).

You seem to manage it ok then LittleB?

Ive been drinking many a cup of peppermint tea this wk. Ive bought colpermin & buscapane in readyness , but not taken any of them yet.

Rumpel Sat 07-Nov-09 11:33:38

I found the peppermint meds etc just made my diarrhoea smell of mint LOL! I have had it for 13 years now and have become on=bsessed with toilets - have to make sure there is at least one wherever I go sad. Garlic, cream, too much sugar all it make it worse for me. Too much alcohol also.

I don't take anything for it now except immodium if I am going somewhere unknown.

It's a nightmare and has prevented me livinf my life properly for years now sad.

best of luck.

rimmer08 Sat 07-Nov-09 17:03:36

i am currently being tested for gastritis which has similar symptims so know what you are going through things that seem to help me...
cutting back/out alcohol
limiting chocolate- double deckers and kit kat chunkys set me off
dont at wheat based products like oatibix- had a massive flair up with that

camomile tea helps
decaf earl grey
activia yoghurts
constantly sipping water

Daisydot Sat 07-Nov-09 22:33:09

Alfalfa is supposed to be very good - fresh sprouting seeds, pills or juice. B complex vits and additional B12 plus non-dairy acidophulus.
Good luck.

lubo Sun 08-Nov-09 13:53:32

hi there, just joined this site today, looking to see if anyone had recently had op that i am recovering from, whilst ive been at home have been watching some good programmes on tv - and sent off for a book on one of them, my cave man poss has ibs and in the book ive just bought offers quite a lot of good advise on this :-
aloe vera juice for healing lining of gut? strange cos it says natural laxative.
peppermint capsules or tea after meals.
Glutamine powder helps to heal the lining of gut, multivitamin and mineral will supply nutrients lost or not absorbed. Magnesium taken in evening. This can also be confused by stress apparantly - so needless to say in the last two weeks we have started to change our diet. Early days yet! cave man having a laugh about it thou, not that book again!!!

Rumpel Sun 08-Nov-09 20:49:48

Aloe vera is a huge no no for me - makes me much worse. I take acidophhiluus, don't drink milk although eat cheese (not much). I take multi-vits/minerals and omega 3, 6 and 9 - flaxseed oils. God am so hacked off with it!

navyeyelasH Sun 08-Nov-09 22:39:00

The things that set me off are:

tea, sugar, wheat, gluten, chocolate (cofectionary type, am ok with 70%+ stuff which I hate), anything spicy, anything fatty, alcohol, cheese, milk, aloe, strawberries, tomatoes. It's taken me 2, nearly 3 years to figure this out and TBH it has wrecked my love of food. sad

alypaly Mon 09-Nov-09 09:13:47

ask the gp to do a blood test as i suffered with what the GP diagnosed as IBS for three agonising years ,with 3 A and E visits and not one of them spotted i had over 200 gall stones until i collapsed in agony with similar symptoms to yours.
Cheese and fatty foods made me feel crappy too so i would ask for an ultrasound of your gall bladder

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