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iron levels

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diamondpony20008 Fri 06-Nov-09 16:28:14

Hi everyone i am 35 weeks + 5 days pregnant have had my iron tablets over a month now and the doctors say my iron count is still dropping i have been takin vitimin c plus eatin loads of green veg doing eveything i can think of and it still continues to drop when i got my blood taken at the start my iron count was 13.5 witch doctor says is great second time i got blood taken it dropped to 11 and now its at 7 is there any risk to my baby is what i want to know what are the risks for myself as i am really worried plz help

thanx diamond xxx

reikizen Fri 06-Nov-09 16:34:12

The risks really are that you will feel crap! With an hb of 7 I would expect you to have some of the following symptoms: tiredness, breathlessnes, palpitations, headaches, feeling faint. However, if you don't have those, great! Keep taking the iron/spatone (and start now if you are not already doing so) and don't panic! The most serious complication is that if you do bleed following the birth, it will have more serious consequences for you as you already have a low iron level for your body to deal with, but it does not put you at a greater risk of bleeding! Baby will be hunkydory, they are brilliant at taking what they need from you. smile

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