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why do i feel haung over on less than HALF a BOTTLE of WINE??

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noonar Fri 06-Nov-09 14:01:07

i'm trying to drink less.

dh and i unwind most evenings by having a drinl. i probably have wine 3 times a week and beer twice a week . i also try to have 2 alcohol free days.

we often share a bottle of wine. i find it v hard to resist a second large glass, which means i've had half a bottle.

this is enough to make me feel rough the next day and then i feel crap about myself for 'overdoing it'.

does anyone else find that they are intolerant to wine? some types seem to make me feel worse than other, bwt, but have yet to figure out why.

just adding up my units... i prob have 1.5 bottles of wine and 1.5 litres of beer in an average week. does that sound massively too much?

Rhubarb Fri 06-Nov-09 14:03:29

You could be allergic.

Dh just discovered he's allergic to red wine, it's the sulphites most probably.

The symptoms are: headache, sleeplessness, hives, sneezes, blocked nose.

noonar Fri 06-Nov-09 14:11:01

rhubarb, i dont think i'm allergic, but it may be the sulphites. on holiday i had a differnt brand of rose wine everyday. same amount. same time of days. some mornings i felt shit, others... fine!

white affects me more.and fizz even worse than white.

annoyingly, i have yet to figure out which brands i'm ok with.

btw, if i have more than 2 bottles of beer, i also feel lousy. maybe i should just stop drinking.

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