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Breakspear Hospital Hemel Hempstead

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mushbrain Thu 16-Jun-05 23:56:14

Has anyone on here used this hospital for single jabs? Would really love to hear any comments you may have. I am thinking of using them for my 2ds soon but would prefer to know something about them first.

Thomcat Fri 17-Jun-05 08:53:37

Hi Mush, Yes my dd had all her single jabs there. Had no problems, nice hospital and very professional etc. Would go there again with future children and have no trouble reccommending it.

homemama Fri 17-Jun-05 12:29:38

bump. I'm also interested

Thomcat Fri 17-Jun-05 18:19:47

well what else do you want to know?

Jasmum Fri 17-Jun-05 18:37:12

I had my DD there & again wouldn't hesitate in recommending them. Very professional & no problems at all & will take next one there too!

A friend was also booked in to have her DD done with the measles jab but the nurse wouldn't do it as she had a very slight temperature. My friend was a bit peeved as DD seemed perfectly fine & then 2 days later she came down with chickenpox. It just reiterated to me that they were a professional hospital & not just out to make money.

mushbrain Sat 18-Jun-05 11:24:57

Thanks all, I think that's all I need to hear, I will be calling them Monday. God, its such a relief to have finally made a decision and to get reccommendations on where to have them.
Sorry I didn't post my thanks yesterday after all your prompt responses but for once I was out having a great time with all the extended family, a real achievment!

homemama Sat 18-Jun-05 18:04:52

Thanks from me too.

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