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Come and help me decide about contraception

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FlamingoBOOMbo Thu 05-Nov-09 15:21:29

I've had this discussion on here before but I'm still no closer to deciding what is right for us. Please tell me what you use, why and what's good and what's bad about it.

We're currently using condoms. I was thinking of using NFP once my periods regained their regularity (still irregular post 4th baby and bfing) but I would like not to have to use condoms all the time, especially when my libidos at it's highest ie. just when I'd need to use condoms!

I hate artificial hormones. At the moment it looks like an IUD is the best bet, but I just rang up to make an appointment and the woman said I might have to go in and have another appointment a week or so afterwards for swab results - it's hard enough getting out for one appointment, let alone two with 4 children to find childcare for! She helpfully suggested I get the swabs done at my GP surgery beforehand, which doesn't actually help the situation and she didn't know which swabs to ask for hmm

And I'm concerned about my periods getting heavier and painful if I use the IUD though (at the moment I only get pain when I'm ovulating, although that is pretty painful!). And I'd like to use my mooncup when I get periods - can you do that with an IUD?


mamalovesmojitos Thu 05-Nov-09 20:27:43

i use the implant and have found it great. i had a very long period when it was first inserted but then my periods stopped. i was too nervous to get the coil after labour.

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