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Angina: how serious it is and what are the symptoms of an attack. Anyone got any experience please?

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OrmIrian Wed 04-Nov-09 20:53:07

My wonderful father is 78 and has been diagnosed with angina. He has had a few attacks but none of them serious it seems. Main problem is that he is scared and a very down. He keeps saying how sad he feels when he thinks of all the things he has done and won't be able to do again sad WHen the DC and I turned up he got quite tearful (not like him at all)

He is also claiming that his spray doesn't work - he has a tight feeling in his chest and can't take a breath but as this is happening all the time and the GP didn't hospitalise him I am assuming it's not that serious. I wondered if he was suffering from panic attacks - when I had them I experienced that horrible tight chest feeling.

GP is making an appointment with a consultant - apparently he is si fit otherwise there may be 'further options'. What options?

Anyone, medical bod or otherwise, tell me anything about angina please. I am feeling quite shaken and sad after today.

displayuntilbestbefore Wed 04-Nov-09 23:46:41

my father has a spray he needs to use if and when he gets attacks.
He is advised not to exercise for a while after meals as this seems to be something that might trigger it for him.
He also avoids going out in extremes of temperatures to minimise chances of becoming unwell.
this page might be of help. I got a lot of info from the BHF after my dad was ill.
Sorry can't help more than that.

OrmIrian Thu 05-Nov-09 09:22:08

Thanks display. I will forward that link (and others) to my mum.

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