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Starting symptoms for arithritis?

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raggamuffin Wed 04-Nov-09 13:53:47

I am going to the dr on monday (when she is back off holiday) but thought I would ask if anyone has had this. I have painful aching in my foot - have had for a few weeks now and am hobbling some of the time. I can't see any bruising or swelling and wonder if I could have damaged a bone or it is arthritis?

BonfiresOfInsanity Wed 04-Nov-09 14:17:12

Hi Raggamuffin, I have had a painful next and shoulder for many years after a whiplash injury. I get terrible pain in the muscles and have always assumed it was because of the muscle injury at the time but it appears now that it may be arthritis in my neck which is a worry.

I would ask yourself these;

1. How old are you? Over 40?
2. Family History of arthritis?
3. Any injuries to the bones there?

If these are positive then its possible but I think your dr would need to scan to confirm. I hope it is nothing more than a strain.

WallyDoodle Wed 04-Nov-09 15:17:49

Does it hurt if you use your hand to squeeze the ball of your foot towards your little toe? Is the amount of pain related to how much you have been using your foot or which shoes you have been wearing? If it is, you could have a Morton's Neuroma.

I had one recently and as I have arthritis they initially thought that was the cause but it was completely ruled out, partly through not having any inflammation and the difficulty I had in exactly pinpointing the pain (both these things suggests soft tissue or nerve pain). If you are worried about inflammatory arthritis, do you feel a greater pulsing pain when you move your foot from an elevated position to a lower one? Do you feel generally more flu-ey? Is the other foot ok?

I found that wearing MBTs made a huge difference, more than the podiatrist insoles. Good luck

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