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TVT operation... if you have had it can you answer a delicate question??

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Dahlia Tue 03-Nov-09 21:52:43

Hello, not been on here for years, and here I am asking the grossest question - am having the above op on monday, and have been told I can't have sex for 4 weeks... so... my question is, does that just mean intercourse??? Are other activities ok...? wink

Dahlia Wed 04-Nov-09 08:30:53


helly45 Wed 04-Nov-09 11:03:17

Hi Delia- I had TVt op 4 weeks today and i am still recovering and still feel bit tender - i was going to ask whether this was normal!! The op was ok but u will really need to rest.
As for sex- i am single at mo but would say a min of 4 wks wud b about right - i doubt u fill feel like it before then!
Good luck for next wk and dont worry

Dahlia Wed 04-Nov-09 18:38:33

Thanks helly, so can I ask you, how were you the next day after the op? Is it really bad, or were you able to walk about and shower and dress and stand up long enough to cook a meal? I have read a few horror stories on t'internet and am a bit nervous now, even though i've plenty of ops before. How long was it before you could drive? Sorry to bombard you with questions! Its just reassuring to speak to someone who knows xx

Fabster Wed 04-Nov-09 18:43:16

I would wait the 4 weeks for full intercourse or anything that involved things being inserted. wink

Dahlia Wed 04-Nov-09 23:23:09

even oral sex?

helly45 Thu 05-Nov-09 09:21:43

Hi Dahlia
I was in hosp overnight as you need to do loads of measuring of wee and a scan to see if your bladder has emptied. Really you should be resting as much as you can .I made loads of meals and froze them but you shouldnt be standing cooking on day 2/3. I am wk 4 and haven't driven yet but am hoping to next week! That is just becoz its still slightly painful and a dragging sensation when sit up in that position-different people react differntly and you may be much better!!
But they do say shouldnt drive for 2-3 wks.The anaesthetic made me so tired for abt a week so be prepared to restand get the family to help out.
By the way oral sex if u are careful!
Please dont worry

Dahlia Thu 05-Nov-09 17:52:19

thanks so much helly

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