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What is this discomfort in my chest?

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Debris Tue 03-Nov-09 17:51:35

Ive had it on and off for a couple of months. It is sometimes accompanied by bouts of burping. I have been to the gp twice now , the first time he gave me an ECG , which came out as normal , then I was sent for a gastroscopy , which was also normal. It is an ache , almost like I have swallowed something that has got stuck , the pain is also in the righthand side of my back , near the top. My muscles do feel tight in my back , and I have been getting my DH to massage my back , hoping it may releive the discomfort. My stomach does feel a little tender at the top. Im so fed up with it now. Should I go back to the GP ? Have tried various indigestion remedies by the way , and they make no difference. Ive had a fairly stressful year , could it be that ? Any advice would be gratefully received.

CrossWhy Tue 03-Nov-09 19:07:43

I would suggest keeping a pain dairy. Record anything that triggers the pain or even time of day pain gets better or worse. Also record effect of paracetamol, ibuprofen (if you can take it) on pain. Effect of massage on pain, hot water bottle, pain relief rubs - voltarol or ibulieve gels.

After about a week of that go and see the doctor, they might be able to make sense of things if you can give them enough information.

theagedparent Tue 03-Nov-09 19:11:25

This sounds like I get every now and then. I have gallstones which is what causes the pain.

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