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Update on Mr Lisad123

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we are getting first bone marrow results on Wednesday and hoping for some great news
If it shows reduction in cancer cells we are well on the way to the finish line grin this is the last test to confirm if chemo is working! We have been ok, we get on with it most days.
I know some of you like updates, so thought i shuld

Divatheshopaholic Mon 02-Nov-09 23:08:55

Fingers crossed for D.
Hope we all get good results.
((((((((sending you hugs)))))))

supersalstrawberry Mon 02-Nov-09 23:13:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BecauseImWorthIt Mon 02-Nov-09 23:14:17

Fingers crossed for you both!

thanks diva, we are pretty positive it will be good news, it has to be.
Daily chemo is still a bit in the bum, but could be worse i guess. Hoping to get to remission within the year, although he will have to remain on daily chemo tablets for life, but small price to pay.

pipsqueak Mon 02-Nov-09 23:16:17

good luck - everything crossed!

HuwEdwards Mon 02-Nov-09 23:19:36

Lisad, I am an infrequent poster but remember your name from way back. Good luck to you both


thanks huwedwards and pip

FlappyTheBat Mon 02-Nov-09 23:21:45

keeping my fingers crossed for you on Wednesday,

good luck!

IdrisTheDragon Tue 03-Nov-09 06:18:07

I'll be thinking of you all on Wednesday

thanks loads, nice toknow people still think of us

hippipotamiHasLost75lbs Tue 03-Nov-09 07:53:42

Fingers crossed for you all. I often think of you and DH. [aware that sounds stalkerish]

LOL @ hippi, i have at least 2 other stalkers here grin

hippipotamiHasLost75lbs Tue 03-Nov-09 07:59:14

I am a nice stalker, honest smile

Lizzylou Tue 03-Nov-09 08:02:33

Oh that is good news, Lisa.
Fingers crossed here as well x

Buda Tue 03-Nov-09 08:10:00

Sounds positive. I really hope you get the results you want. Fingers crossed for you.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Tue 03-Nov-09 08:10:05

Keeping everything crossed for both of you.

I really hope you get good news.


thanks his had bloods today so hoping for a good result from them too, his liver results have been a worry!

Cakesandale Tue 03-Nov-09 13:42:07

I have been watching you on and off for a while without posting (bit Twilight Zone, but there you go!) - lots and lots of luck and positive thoughts! Bloody cancer!
Lots of bits crossed for you.

BitOfFun Tue 03-Nov-09 13:43:56

Thinking of you and sending you good vibes...

thanks cakes, but please do post, i dont bite wink
now question is how closely were you watching? i know i have people following my blog and i have idea who some of them are blush

gorionine Tue 03-Nov-09 13:48:17

Oh I am glad that the news sound positive!

I remember you mentioning about it in a thread about non autorised days off from school.

Thinking of you and your family!

oh yes the school saga, i got a snotty letter home saying that i had been reported to the "school improvement officer" due to her attendace. Funny enough i havent had a visit hmm

Cakesandale Tue 03-Nov-09 13:54:47

Hi LisaD

No, not one of those following your blog, haven't seen that - but I'll go and look!!

its not a Mn one its here here

I tend to update that more than any other place.

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