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Please help - paranoid about teeth (long)

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schilke Mon 02-Nov-09 11:34:23

I am totally paranoid about my teeth. I hate going to the dentist, but always go every 6 months. I swapped dentists 2 years ago from the NHS one to a private one. He is lovely - I have had nothing done in the past 2 years. My old dentist changed every 6 months, so there was no consistency. Basically I didn't trust them as they were always suggesting different things - wisdom tooth at back was growing through crooked and hitting side of the mouth. One wanted to take it out, next one didn't etc... New dentist said it is fine and healthy and nowadays they recommend not interfering unless it is causing problems or pain, which it isn't.

Anyway, for some reason I obsess over my teeth. My latest thing is are my gums receding. I don't think they are, but keep staring at my top 2 front teeth trying to see if the gum looks different. The gum behind my tooth feels a bit sore, but I burnt the roof of my mouth the other day.It does feel slightly tingly too, but doesn't bleed or anything. The gum above my top teeth has always been slightly higher than above my others, I just can't relax about them.

I saw the dentist just over a month ago and he said everything was fine. He always asks if I want to make an appointment to see the hygienist or him to clean my teeth. I always opt for him as I don't want to go back. I've never seen the hygienist and have only heard horror stories about them! Do you think I should make an appointment with the hygienist? I wish I'd married a dentist and then he could reassure me every day!

Please help me forget about my teeth.

oxcat1 Mon 02-Nov-09 12:52:35


I'm afraid I can't help, but I could have written your message as I feel exactly the same!

We can sit and worry together!

schilke Mon 02-Nov-09 13:42:13

At least I'm not alone! My dh thinks I'm crackers.

schilke Fri 06-Nov-09 12:57:30

No-one got any advice. I just can't stop thinking about my teeth.

It would be madness to go and see dentist again as I only went just over a month ago. My gums couldn't have receded much in a month could they?? I'm just being paranoid aren't I? I'm even imagining tingly gums.

bunnygirl80 Fri 06-Nov-09 13:11:47

Only just saw your post.

I just happen to be a dentist - my DH wishes he hadn't married one as I'm constantly checking he's brushed his teeth properly and banned him from sugar in his coffee!!

Obviously I can't diagnose without seeing you but can attempt to reassure.

If you burnt the roof of your mouth then that is most probably the reason for the sore gums in that area - keep brushing normally and it should settle. As for whether your gums are receding or not it's hard to say.

The gum above people's two front teeth is often slightly higher than on the ones next door to them. If you feel this has worsened recently it would be worth going back to see your dentist as he/she will be able to tell. There are also a number of possible reasons for receding gums so it's worth getting a proper diagnosis.

It would be very unusual for your gums to have receded over the course of a month, but if you're still concerned then a trip back to the dreaded dentist might serve to reassure you.

Hope this helps.....sorry it's long

Earlybird Fri 06-Nov-09 13:25:44

Do you floss your teeth regularly right down to the gums? My dentist and his hygienist (sp?) tell me to do that as part of keeping gums healthy. A dear friend (who has had a problem with her gums) is diligent about flossing every day (went on holiday with her a few months ago, and she doesn't miss a day).

I had my teeth cleaned 2 days ago, and asked about two places that felt slightly tender. I was reassured it was probably just because there was tartar there, which was removed by the cleaning process.

Does your dentist do x-rays at regular intervals? That will show if there is anything developing 'under the surface' that needs attention.

I think the answer is to take care of your teeth well at home, and go to the dentist regularly so potential problems can be dealt with before they develop into anything serious.

schilke Fri 06-Nov-09 15:07:29

Thank you - I feel a bit better now!

bunnygirl80 - If I'm honest, in a non-panic moment, I don't really think they've got worse. The gums have always been slightly higher above my front teeth - i just had this weird feeling behind my tooth where I burnt my mouth and I started to panic! My dentist is really so lovely now. He finds it quite amusing that I appear to be so scared of him!

Earlybird - I have only just started flossing. Never bothered before and I'm quite shocked at the amount of debris that comes out. The dentist x-rayed my teeth a couple of years ago. I think he said last time that he'd do it next time iyswim.

Thank you - I'm feeling slightly less paranoid now.

Kammy Fri 06-Nov-09 16:45:16

I'll join your worry club!

I also worry over daft things(was convinced last year that my 2 front teeth were loose blush

What I would say is though, floss, floss floss and definately go to a hygenist every 6 months. They can get rid of hard built up tartar which keeps gums healthy, and it sounds much worse than it really is.

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