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I have been to the walk in centre today, and they said to go to the docs if my symptoms got worse...

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ElfOnTheTopShelf Sun 01-Nov-09 22:24:43

Went with a really really bad cough which is literally hacking, and it had been hard to breathe. Saw a lovely nurse who said my breath sounds were good, my oxygen levels was 99%. Said it was just a bad cough / infection and to go to the docs if symptoms got worse. And as I had a temp, if I got sickness etc then to phone swine flu advice line. Anyway, am home and now not only do I have the pain in my chest (said to nurse) but I have pains in my armpit and in my back. Should I be bothering the docs tomorrow? What constitutes as getting worse?

mumofom Sun 01-Nov-09 22:57:40

Hi elf. I am just back from out-of-hours with my 4 yr dd who has had a cough last couple of nights (yes mostly through the night and hacking) she has been normal and well otherwise. Today she became suddenly very tired and sleepy and started vomiting with temp of 39.2F. Doc checked throat temp chest, ears, glands and said it's viral. Said her glands and chest seem fine, but one ear tender and red and with high temp and vomiting indicating virus. If not better within a week contact GP. I hadn't really though SF with vomiting as one of the main symptims now i'm not so sure, think i'll phone GP in the morning and think you should too for 2nd opinion. reason why i hadn't associated dd symptoms with SF as in Sept i had flu symptoms (SF not confirmed as told over phone not to go to GP) with temp, aches, pounding headache, nausea, then after about 5 days flu like aches eased but terrible cough started leading to secondary chest infection that took 3 courses of AB's, cough lasted about 6 weeks so symptoms different from dd. Hope you get better soon, but contact GP anyway. Good luck

ElfOnTheTopShelf Mon 02-Nov-09 20:06:56

thanks for the reply, didn't see last night because I was on my phone and got narky with the browser!
still feel rough today

Hope your DD is feeling better

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