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TUmmy is HUGE and painful and parpy and about 6 months pg

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AlaskaNebraska Sun 01-Nov-09 20:39:20

it seems

why is my tum so sore

no alochol

AlaskaNebraska Sun 01-Nov-09 20:41:29

can someone SIT On it and see hwat gas comes out?

i htink we are talking gas fired power ehre

AlaskaNebraska Sun 01-Nov-09 20:43:28

its almost speherical now

PacificGuywood Sun 01-Nov-09 20:43:35

I'll sit on you!

<<in same boat, 5 months pregnant, glugging Gaviscon straight from the bottle, windy conditions here as well and I do not mean meterological ones wink>>

duckyfuzz Sun 01-Nov-09 20:43:41

mine too, so will sympathise, we coudl sit on each others? my period is imminent and I have had alcohol (and curry last night) so not a total shocker

NorktasticNinja Sun 01-Nov-09 20:45:01

A cup or two of lukewarm water and 1/2 a slice of toast usually brings it up


AlaskaNebraska Sun 01-Nov-09 20:45:16

aha! i am NOT pg
had wine and thai curry last night
i went for a long walk this afty and it was terribel!

PacificGuywood Sun 01-Nov-09 20:46:25

Are you constipated?

You could have 6 months worth of pregnacy in poo inside you grin!!

NorktasticNinja Sun 01-Nov-09 20:46:33

It must be dry toast though.

AlaskaNebraska Sun 01-Nov-09 20:46:46

there is moevement hmm

duckyfuzz Sun 01-Nov-09 20:47:44

I have been losing weight through low carb diet adn now every time I so much as look at carbs I bloat up damn those poppadoms

AlaskaNebraska Sun 01-Nov-09 20:48:40

lunch was butternut squash and swet potato soup

PacificGuywood Sun 01-Nov-09 20:49:56

You need a gas valve grin!!

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 01-Nov-09 21:40:57

me too been feeling queasy and like I've utterly over eaten for a couple of days. I'm hoping its a very mild version of a tummy bug thats doing the rounds. Combined with a stuffy cold and I'm not the happiest bunny in the warren. (can't believe I just said that)

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