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Spots on legs for 3 weeks (on nephew)

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kid Wed 15-Jun-05 23:35:32

My 18 month old nephew has had spots on his legs, arms and body for 3 weeks now. He had them before he went on holiday to the Dominican Republic and still has them now. He has been seen by a Dr 4 times (3 different Drs) and so far no-one has diagnosed anything. It has been mentioned twice that he may have to go to the hospital for tests.

My DS (3.2) also has the same spots, he has had his for 1 week and hasn't been on holiday. His spots came up a week after my nephews.

Anyone have any idea what these might be. Some of them are under the skin, others have broken the skin. They are itchy and allergy medicine isn't easing them at all. Maybe I should post a picture of a close up of the spots for someone to try and identify?!

SueW Wed 15-Jun-05 23:48:00


Info here

Pics here

kid Thu 16-Jun-05 07:40:46

thanks for the links but the rash is nothing like that. Just had a look at them this morning and they are definately worse than yesterday. at least DS's spots are just mainly on his leg.

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