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Get Do you think herbal medicine and acupuncture should be regulated?

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dreamylady Sat 31-Oct-09 11:42:52

there was a recent but quite long thread which may have dipped into this 'bad science'
If you ever use herbal medicine (yes, that does include calendula cream from Neal's Yard and those old skool cough mixtures from Boots with sasparilla and the like in) or have had acupuncture and you want to continue being able to, OR just believe that herbalists, acupuncturists and the like should be regulated, then you need to get an email off to your MP sharpish. A new European directive will restrict distribution of such treatments to regulated practitioners only from 2011. Which sounds sensible IMO. BUT our govt has not yet agreed to go ahead with regulation of acupuncturists and herbalists, despite public opinion in 2001 being supportive of it, and despite the House of Lords recommending it in 2008. There's a new consultation which will end on 16th November.
here's a link to an articleherbal under threat

seems to me whether supporter or cynic regulation can't be a bad thing?

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