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goodbyesunhellomoon Fri 30-Oct-09 21:26:40

Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with anaemia?

I've been feeling a bit tired and rundown of recent. Went to the loo yesterday, strained a little (blush) and ended up with an intense period pain feeling in my lower abdomen and back for about half an hour. Couldn't stand up straight was in a total panic as I thought it was a burst ovarian cyst, called DH got him home - called my out of hours GP service who said it sounded like an anal spasm but to go to the dr's in the morning.

My gp today said I'm anaemic and dehydrated and has taken bloods for Liver Function, renal function, thyroid and glucose shock and that I could need a colposcopy (or a colonoscopy) I can't remember which now!

He did say anaemia can be responsible for the PCOS I have, the irregular cycles, the sometimes spotting between periods and what I think is a pile which occasionally bleeds slightly as well (only if I have passed a hard motion so the slight bleeding is explained if you see what I mean)

I haven't been looking after myself particularly well - it's all about the kids! I do drink a tad too much wine too regularly.

I'm worrying myself that it's something nasty - I've done too much googling sad

Any advice or similar experiences really appreciated

goodbyesunhellomoon Fri 30-Oct-09 22:06:48


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