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Dizziness Help!!!!

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elliemac Thu 29-Oct-09 21:23:15

Had a major dizzy spell out of nowhere today. Felt as though i was going to pass out. Saw doc who said my blood pressure and pulse were fine and that this was quite common. I do suffer with dizziness quite a bit but its never been like this. I was absolutely terrified. Had to cling on to my car to stop myself falling. Anyone got any advice? Surely feeling like that can't be normal. Thanks x

josette Thu 29-Oct-09 21:41:09

Not really advice... but i had something similar about 6 years ago whilst I was on holiday. When I went to see the doc on return, they diagnosed it as an inner ear problem... labrynthitis.
It lasted a few weeks... I think they just gave me anti-sickness pills... and was told to lie down alot if possible.
I still have funny little balance issues now and again.
Hope this helps.

NanaNina Fri 30-Oct-09 20:18:10

Elliemac - was this dizziness or vertigo. The former is feeling light headed but the latter is a feeling of either you spinning or the world about you spinning, or sometimes both together. I have suffered from dizziness and vertigo in the past and they are both distressing. The GP could never find anything wrong though once diagnosed a middle ear infection which was not the right diagnosis.

Vertigo can be a "one off" or a recurring problem and there doesn't seem to be much treatment. I have to say though that for me dizziness over a period of time turned out to be a symptom of anxiety which was followed by depression but I was recently bereaved and so this is unlikely to be the cause for you.

Hope it gets sorted.

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