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Waking early - me, I mean

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Pruni Wed 15-Jun-05 15:30:22

Message withdrawn

Mum2girls Wed 15-Jun-05 16:00:07

No, but could my DD live with you as she has the same problem

To take you seriously for a moment, when I'm in bed, the only sure fire way for me to sleep is by reading.

rummum Wed 15-Jun-05 16:03:18

do you have anything on your mind?
is anything worrying you?

My husband has the same problem... he worry's about things.


Pruni Wed 15-Jun-05 19:34:24

Message withdrawn

vicdubya Wed 15-Jun-05 22:28:23

Me too.

Mine seems to have come about because for the best part of a year ds woke around this time and I used to have to bribe him with boob to go back to sleep.

Now he doesn;t wake anymore but rather infuriatingly, I still do. And yes I am also quite awake but not so I'd want to get up. Sometimes takes an hour to get back to sleep by which time ds is usally waking. Grrr.....

The light mornings & birdsong don;t help.

Have you got blackout linings?

I find going to bed just a bit later does help.

helsi Wed 15-Jun-05 22:30:59

Just a thought but could smething outside be waking you up?

example...we have a taxi driver living at the back of us so he comes home at all hours. It seems that subcontiously I was waking at 3am when he came home as the car is quite loud. I couldn't figure it our for ages.

moondog Wed 15-Jun-05 22:33:10

Do you have a couple of glasses of wine at night? Much to my horror I've discovered that booze makes me wake up early.

Agree with the light morning things-black out blinds a must.

babynovice Wed 15-Jun-05 23:27:16

It seems there is an epidemic of 4am waking going around, I was just chatting about it on another thread today and there were about 4 of us all awake at that time!

rummum Wed 15-Jun-05 23:44:26

I sleep like a log.. but if I do ever wake up early I watch/read teletext... (we have a tv in the bedroom) that sends me back off as quick as anything....

Pruni Thu 16-Jun-05 15:00:59

Message withdrawn

rummum Thu 16-Jun-05 17:01:26

Do you need a wee?


When you wake up I mean....

mancmum Thu 16-Jun-05 17:06:24

pruni -- think you answered your own question -- you are in the 2 week waiting room -- course you have things on your mind... bet once the test is done you get back to normal -- I was like this when I had treatment... now I am woken up by the positive result!!

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