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Pain when going to the loo

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schilke Thu 29-Oct-09 14:39:04

For the past few months I've had painful bowel movements during my period - really painful, just before going, going and just after. I've also had a dull pain in my lower left abdomen - level with my hip bone. I've had back pain at the same level too.

I did a bit of a google and it came up with endemetriosis. My periods can be very heavy at the start, but tail off quite quickly. My cycle is quite short - about 24/25 days.

I've had a fair bit of constipation too - had to resort to taking something which then gave me diarrhoea!

Any ideas?

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 29-Oct-09 14:55:46

I would make an appointment with your GP and ask him/her to refer you to a gynae as a matter of course. This needs proper medical investigation. Don't put up with it any longer!!.

My initial thought on reading your posting was also endometriosis. Problems like you describe are not unknown with endo. Is your actual menstrual cycle painful as well?.

schilke Thu 29-Oct-09 15:04:32

Hmm I think I might need to go to GP.

My periods are sometimes painful - usually on the second day. I normally take a couple of nurofen which sorts it out. I have more of the crappy period feelings now - bloated, lethargic etc - than I did when I was younger (I'm 37 now).

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