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gonna give up

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starshaker Wed 15-Jun-05 12:04:25

i want to give up smoking as i really hate it. ive been smoking since i was 13 im now 24 and have a dd to think about. at the moment i smoke in the spare room where the pc is and dd never is. in the next couple of days we intend to start sorting the spare room out for dd so we can get it decorated ready for her to move in when she old enough. i never smoke in our room or any other room in the house so if i want 1 ill have to go outside but im to lazy to do that so ill prob just give up (well thats the intention anyway)

wish me luck getting rid of my 1 and only vice well ok i may have more but ill deal with them later

happycat Wed 15-Jun-05 12:14:46

good luck starshaker your doing the right thing (ex smoker,can you tell) and well done

Mothernature Wed 15-Jun-05 12:16:55

starshaker - good luck

bubblerock Wed 15-Jun-05 12:18:24

Good Luck Starshaker! We did it in the New Year, does your Doctors have a Nurse that can help you quit? We were prescribed patches and that's how we did it. Hope you manage it

starshaker Wed 15-Jun-05 13:29:50

yeah so do i think ill move pc after dp goes back to work after lunch as dont have the car at the mo as its in being fixed so cant nip out like i normally do when im avoiding things lol

fee77 Wed 15-Jun-05 13:53:37

Good luck - i gave up in january. It is hard, but worth it. I have so much more energy now, and don't smell! There was naother thread going, with fellow quitters - i will try to find it for you.

fee77 Wed 15-Jun-05 14:09:05

Here you go - a very friendly bunch - and it's good to chat to others who know what you are going through.
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