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lymes disease?

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bootygirl Wed 28-Oct-09 15:34:05

I had blood test done and it came back as possible positive for lymes disease but it is now being sent to southamptom for further testing...
It is likely that i have it a while as very unwell for 2yrs now and just wondering how commen it is?
More importantly do antibiotics work?

Honneybunny Wed 28-Oct-09 18:07:15

my ds2 caught lyme's disease during the summer holidays. apparently it is a lot more common in norway, where we went, than in uk. ds was one of the few cases the consultant had ever seen. but during the same holiday two cousins who spent time in the same area also got it.

ds's case was caught relatively quickly, and he just needed 2wks of amoxicilin (oral). ds had a sudden facial paralysis, and had some arthritis complaints as well. he's now better, the paralysis has disapeared, and the arthritis as well.

hope you will get better soon, once treated. i think you might have to have a long course of antibiotics. the test apparently has some false positives (as well as false negatives), so this might be why it's being sent to southampton (they have special unit there)...

what were your symptoms?

bootygirl Thu 29-Oct-09 21:18:48

I ve had muscle aches, headaches, joint pain and major fatigue for past 2 yrs. Also had knee problems some swelling and pain. I get nausea but that could be my endometriosis...

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