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is anyone up to reassure me? :(

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maybebaby23 Wed 28-Oct-09 03:24:14


Im 30 weeks pregnant and very hormonal so apologies if im sounding dramatic here

I seem to be coming down with a bug of some sort. I have been sick twice since 1am. I have cramps in my stomach and feel very weak and shaky i suffer with anxiety too so that is not helping.

Baby is moving around so hopefully she should be ok, right?

Oh i feel so awful, DF and DD are fast asleep upstairs and i feel like im about to be sick again, even though there is nothing to come up (so sorry tmi)

So is it best not to eat anything for a while? And i probably should be sipping water..i haven't had a bug for so long i have forgotton how awful it makes you feel.

Thanks for reading, and for any reassurance that my baby should be fine!! thanks

ClaudiaSchiffer Wed 28-Oct-09 03:29:27

Hello there maybebaby, sorry you're feeling so awful. I'm sure your baby will be fine, keep sipping water and maybe see if you can eat something plain, toast?

If the cramps get worse wake dh, or ring NHS direct.

Deep breaths re the anxiety, honestly everything will be fine, your baby is only at risk if you become severly dehydrated. So keep on with sips of water.

maybebaby23 Wed 28-Oct-09 03:35:15

Thankyou for replying Will keep on with the water then. Why does this seem to happen at night?! I remember being up all night as a child with a bug, feels like forever til morning

Thanks for reassuring me x

FlamingoBingo Wed 28-Oct-09 04:37:55

Oh poor you sad

Agree re. sipping water. Most important thing is not to get dehydrated and get help if the cramps get very bad.

Mention it to your MW in the morning too. Hope you get some sleep and stop vomitting soon! Have you got someone to help out so you can rest tomorrow?

ClaudiaSchiffer Wed 28-Oct-09 05:12:27

Hello again, are you still up? Feeling any better?

maybebaby23 Wed 28-Oct-09 08:10:01

Thanks for thinking of me! Im still feeling like death and DF has gone to work which leaves me with a very lively 3 year old

Still being sick, sipping water but about 30 mins later it comes back! I haven't slept a wink it is just awful. The cramps seem to have gone now though so thats something.

Ive been worrying that this straining while heaving will break my waters or something!! Can it start labour off? Ugh i just want to go to bed. Going to see if my mum will have DD.

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