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My Cycles only been 18 days long!

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charleepeters Wed 15-Jun-05 07:50:18

WTF???? 18 Days its usually at least 26, were ttc this is making it v.difficult! anyone else had this problem?

Sax Wed 15-Jun-05 08:15:37

cycles are often disrupted by external happenings, you may be putting more stress on yourself TCC which may effect the cycle. Don't worry, its not unusal to have a different cycle than your normal!

Sax Wed 15-Jun-05 08:17:42

BTW don't forget just look out for the mid month warning signal that the best time is - the mucus jelly discharge which probably only last a few days - thats the time to get going IYKWIM!!

charleepeters Wed 15-Jun-05 08:24:37

Cheers Sax, i had theclassic signs i ovulated but period just decided to arrive 9 days early

Sax Wed 15-Jun-05 08:46:55

It is hard tcc, emotionally takes a lot out of you. I know how this feels but I think the cycle coming early is nothing to worry about, might make it harder to know next month though but you know what to look out for so all the best!!

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