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Too much Hib Vaccination

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timber Tue 27-Oct-09 14:50:34

I received a letter from the docs this morning informing me that, my son, George, had accidently been given two doses of the HIB Vaccination.

It said they had contacted the manufacturers of the vaccine and there SHOULD be no adverse effects.

I am incandescent with rage!

How can they make such a mistake when we have each vaccine recorded.

I think George is fine as it was several months ago since he had the jab...the main reason I am so angry is that at the time I told the nurse that he had already had this jab and tried to show her the recording in the little red book.

She totally dismissed me as a neurotic idiot and I felt so humiliated.

I actually convinced myself I was wrong.

Anybody else had the same thing happen to their child?
What did you do?

I now want to leave the surgery I am with and also want to drag this nurse over the coals for dismissing me.

kcartyparty Tue 27-Oct-09 20:48:59

Lodge a complaint with the clinic manager threatening to sue.

This is an outrage. Always follow your instincts as a mother.

You should have walked out and said 'actually I'm right and your wrong'

I would hope that the nurse in question gets fired so you can stay with the clinic, and a letter of apology from the nurse is imperative.

This will prove that she admits to her mistake. Then (god forbid) if anything does come to light in the future, you can prove she was respinsible by her own admission

timber Wed 28-Oct-09 13:49:13

Thanks for the advice. I have made an appt with the practice manager and am going to make a formal complaint.
I'm positive it won't get me anywhere but it will make me feel better.

frakula Wed 28-Oct-09 13:50:35

Complain to the NMC. The red book is an official document and she should at least have checked what it said.

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