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Let it SHIIIIIII-IIINE, Let it Shine....waltzing about in rude good health like we are all in an M&S ad

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BiteOfFun Tue 27-Oct-09 11:36:02

Welcome to the latest in our series of healthy eating threads (26 and counting)!

The emphasis is on health (which is sometimes rude when we get chatting frivolously, as is our tendency), and weight loss where desired. I obviously don't desire it enough, as I am the same weight as when I started, but some of our regulars are mere shadows of their former selves smile...

Do come and sign in here if you are with us, or want to join in- all welcome.

We try a variety of approaches, and there is always a lot of support and quite a few laughs along the way. Shiney is the head honcho round these parts, and we do get to be regaled with her embarrassing stories before the rest of MN, so that's always a big draw grin

Join us if you will!

TerryWogansCock Tue 27-Oct-09 11:38:47

<licks BOF's face>

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 27-Oct-09 11:39:58

Message withdrawn

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 27-Oct-09 11:40:24

Message withdrawn

TrillianSlasher Tue 27-Oct-09 11:40:58

<marks place>

<pats Shiney on head>

Good girl.

jaquelinehyde Tue 27-Oct-09 11:41:08

Woooohooooooo bagseeee the big comfy chair.

Back to other thread now that's done!

TrillianSlasher Tue 27-Oct-09 11:41:23

Actually, cock chatters - come here!

jaquelinehyde Tue 27-Oct-09 11:43:59

If we ever all go to a meet up I may well have to make members of the cock chatters club badges.

VineGruesomeTits Tue 27-Oct-09 11:46:02

grin @ cock chatters badges

<puts coat on chair by the log fire>

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 27-Oct-09 11:46:53

Message withdrawn

SqueezyCheesyPumpkin Tue 27-Oct-09 11:56:48

Instead of wearing like a furtive red rose to identify each other, we could have this?

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 27-Oct-09 11:57:58

Message withdrawn

SqueezyCheesyPumpkin Tue 27-Oct-09 11:59:36

You're not allowed to eat it though.....because that would be cock munching. I wonder if it has more calories than a star bar?

BiteOfFun Tue 27-Oct-09 12:03:18

I think being called a bunch of cock-munchers is perilously close, actually grin

I shall behave myself for the rest of the day. Definitely. I think.

NormaSknockers Tue 27-Oct-09 12:04:36

Shiney new thread Sorry girls so not myself at the moment, crying at the drop of a hat at the moment <<roll eye emoticon>>

Squeezy I would imagine there would be far less calories in a Star Bar then a cock (or rather what comes out of the cock!)

SqueezyCheesyCock Tue 27-Oct-09 12:06:54

Right, that's enough of the cock talk! I'm starting to get a bit offended hmm grin

BiteOfFun Tue 27-Oct-09 12:10:29

Oh poor Norm- anything we can do?

VineGruesomeTits Tue 27-Oct-09 12:11:01

pmsl squeezycheesycock (eugh!)we should all namechange in honour of cock


i think it really suits grin

FlamingoBingo Tue 27-Oct-09 12:14:33

Do Flamingos have cocks?

<<cocks leg and pisses all over new thread>>

<<dissolves in fits of giggles at childish way of marking place in thread>>

<<waits for stern look from DP before she hides new healthy thread>>

BiteOfFun Tue 27-Oct-09 12:15:13

Oh yes, sounds good to me...we can go around offending the rest of MN willy-nilly grin

FlamingoBingo Tue 27-Oct-09 12:15:54

PSML @ willy-nilly


RumourOfAHurricane Tue 27-Oct-09 12:16:47

Message withdrawn

BitOfCock Tue 27-Oct-09 12:16:55


SqueezyCheesyCock Tue 27-Oct-09 12:17:58

I bet we get in trouble for this too <sigh>

FlamingoBingo Tue 27-Oct-09 12:18:13

Ha haaaaaaaa!!! grin

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