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Thyroid Problems

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chinchi Tue 27-Oct-09 11:06:15

I was referred to an endocrinoligst by my GP in June as a set of blood results showed a very high level of the parathyroid hormone, and a slightly raised calcium level.

I wasn't seen at hospital until 1st October, on which the consultant requested more blood to be taken and tested.

I have phoned on several occasions to chase up the results, only to be told that some take longer than others. When asked which tests, they refused to tell me based on the grounds that they (the secretaries) dont have medical training. Fair enough.

I was told on Thursday that the results had come back, and I would be contacted with the outcome of the results. I have just phoned the hospital to be told that my file is 'still on the shelf' and the consultant is yet to look at it, and to expect something by early next week.

My symptoms are becoming unbearable. I am looking after two young children on my own, and have a constant sharp headache, dizziness and a very achey body. With no other family, I am struggling.

My GP wont prescribe anything until she has the results of the blood test. The hospital has them, but there is a delay in finding out what the problem is.

Has anybody else had such a long wait when waiting for blood tests relating to thyroid problems? Did you find anything helped in the meantime?

singsong Tue 27-Oct-09 16:25:34

this seems a long time to have to wait. have you asked your GP if they can chase them up by calling/writing to the hospital?

chinchi Wed 28-Oct-09 07:10:20

Thankfully after going mad on the phine yesterday morning, the secretary phoned me in the afternoon, but typically I missed the call, and clinii had closed by the time I realised. Hopefully, it means I will know more this morning.

Thanks for your reply singsong

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