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Weak bladder and chest infection grrrr

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Eve34 Tue 27-Oct-09 08:23:07

Just a smal rant really. My bladder has never been the same since having DS. Although was weak at the usual times. I have had a really nasty chest infection this week and it has been a complete nightmare. I have changes my clothes several times a day and it is just beyond a joke.

My question is if I go to the doctors what is likely to happen next?

From wet pants Eve :-)

purplepeony Tue 27-Oct-09 13:46:59

poor you.

Your dr is likely to suggest pelvic floor exercises, specialist physio to see if you are doing them right, and then if all else fails, the TVT procedure to lift your urethra to the right postion to help stop the overflow.

If you do the PF exercises it can take up to 6 months and you need to do 50 a day- reminds me, Imust do mine!

WickedWitchinthesticks Tue 27-Oct-09 15:05:50

You have my utmost sympathy. I had flu last winter followed by a stubborn chest infection and I found the "side effects" worse than the illness.
I had prolapse after DS2 was born and that was 10 years ago.
When I felt better I went to see GP about getting a repair done. She cautioned me that one common result of surgery is that leakage is replaced by urgency. I went to see a consultant anyway and he said the same thing so I decided to leave well alone.
I did however see a specialist incontinence physio. We all think we know how to do PFEs but I thought some professional advice wouldn't hurt although I was sceptical.
The physio was ruthless (as most physios have to be). Anyway 8 months down the road I can honestly say there has been an improvement. I can still get caught out by an unexpected sneeze but the regularity of accidents has significantly reduced.
I haven't had another chest infection though and I suspect I'd still have a problem.

purplepeony Tue 27-Oct-09 16:19:34

WW I had a repair for prolapse but wans't leaking. I did have some urgency afterwards but I do have a very sensitive bladder anyway ( another issue altogether) and can say the op did not make it worse.

The TVT op ( not what I had) is less invasive and I don't know if the urgency side-effect applies to that - does it?
BTW- what did the physio say- I had a physio review my PFE a while back and she seemed to think I was doing ok- but she didn't use anything tomeasure the contractions, just put her hand on my tummy to make sure I wasn't tightening that- and took my through the tighten- lift- squeeze all 3 exits! What about you?

WickedWitchinthesticks Tue 27-Oct-09 16:37:56

The TVT wasn't mentioned, I would have asked if I had heard of it.
The physio made me do the PFes while she did an internal blush. However she was able to judge that I wasn't getting it right and took me through it as yours did.
I also had to keep a measured fluid in/out diary for a week which was a nightmare with teenage boys in the house who I definately didn't wish to discuss this with.
The physio said most people drink way too little but I was ok. Hoever what surprised me was that she said I was holding on too long, at least during the day. ( At night I always get up to go at least twice).

Eve34 Sat 31-Oct-09 20:22:53

thank you ladies, as always a mine of information will do some plevic floors then :-(

alysonpeaches Mon 02-Nov-09 18:19:12

When Im feeling particularly weak from illness, or cough or sneeze a lot, I get a leak. When this happens I wear pads. I saw a continence nurse. I had to do pelvic floors, then fill in a chart where you measured your wee. I couldnt cope with that so Im embarrassed to say I didnt go again and I just put up with it. Im now doing pelvic floors because its just reminded me.

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