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Liver Tumours - anyone with experience??

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tipsycat Tue 27-Oct-09 08:07:45

Hi, I'll try to be brief......

I had my gallbladder removed by keyhole in July. I was discharged, then received an appt through the post for what i assumed was a 6 week check.

However, it turned out that I'd been referred to another consultant, because they'd found a lump on my liver during the gallbladder surgery.

I was sent for an MRI and at my next appointment, I was told they'd found 5 tumours on my liver, which they believe are benign, but I've been referred to a liver specialist, and biopsies have been mentioned as a possibility or referral to a specialist liver unit at a bigger hospital.

I have my appointment with the specialist on Thursday, and I'm worrying. I feel generally OK, but am a bit run down and tired (but that's quite normal for me as i have an autistic child) and I'm starting to get stressed out thinking this is something serious.

Any advice / suggestions gratefully received.

Frrrightattendant Tue 27-Oct-09 08:12:46

I'm really sorry to hear this.

I've no experience, but it is great they think they are benign. I hope you get some reassuring news very soon so you can relax a bit x

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