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piles ...

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Shychick Mon 26-Oct-09 23:54:33

hi ladies
don't know if im typing in the right area,
im new here and this is my 1st time using it,
but just wondering if i could get someones advise .. Im suffering from piles at the moment, and this weekend was my 1st time realizing the problem ... how painful sad ...
but what i want to ask is,
blush ... how does the doctor examine you.. ive an appointment tomorrow and im dreading it, i've never needed a doctor to go down to that area better and im a little bit embarrassed to be honest ..
hope someone can help,
thanks ladies !x

Tortington Tue 27-Oct-09 01:42:52

well a doctor will have to look at your arse.

if they are external you can feel them yourself.

get som haemorroid creme and bobs your mums brother

alypaly Tue 27-Oct-09 10:33:35

if they are internal,some will glove up and poke their fingers up the bum.sorry TMI.If external. easy to see.

Try some anusol hc cream

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