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anyone have a spouse that has had a heart bypass? HELP

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radtink Mon 26-Oct-09 01:54:18

My DP had a triple bypass two weeks ago. Boy, its hard for him and hard for me being the caregiver. I think we are both going through waves of emotion, its awful! DOes life ever return to normal and he is constantly worried because he cannot sustain an erection for more than 3-4 minutes tops, he thinks he will always be this way and is starting to sink into a depression! Help

satansauruswrecks Mon 26-Oct-09 09:59:41

What you're going through is completely normal, so don't panic! There could be a couple of reasons for the erectile dysfunction - has he been started on any new medications, or has his drug regime been changed at all? It's worth getting his BP checked at the GP surgery as well. It's quite common to find that BP is a bit lower than normal following CABG, so this could potentially be affecting his erection as well.
RE the emotional side, again it's a very normal reaction. He's just been through major surgery and no matter how well prepared and informed you and your DH were pre-op, I don't think anything prepares you for the stress and worry you go through when he's actually in hospital. Combine that with the fact that he probably didn't have a decent sleep whilst in hospital, and you'll have been running around like a headless chicken visiting him, fielding enquiries as to how he is, and keeping everything else ticking over at home, it's no wonder you're both a bit frazzled.
It's a difficult time for you both, but it will get better. Is there anyone that you can talk to at the hospital where he had the surgery done? Usually patients are offered some sort of rehab after this type of surgery. The BHF website has got some good info as well recovery post cardiac surgery

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